When I was a Child

When I was still a child, there was no childish play.
All was work and learning until the ending of each day.
To me it was a pleasing thing, as all my mind was set towards my goal,
To learn, to teach, to question and so to make men whole.

Bent serious to learn, to know,
From there to do what Nazarenes desired of me.
Myself thought born with high caul towards that hallowed end,
To live in silent solitude, without a friend.

Born to promote all precepts of The Way
To promote all knowledge, reason, and all right-proven things,
Therefore I remained above my tender years,
Allowing my mind to fly on soaring wings.

Studying the mindless laws of gods and man,
Bitter was the flavour, as sweet justice knew no home,
Priests among better men did blend,
And all their laws directed, towards their own desired and selfish end.

I made learning of truths my whole delight,
Hopeful to grow within that knowledged light.
Still young and small went I, innocent and blind,
There to hear the teachings of just law; and so expand my mind.

And to lodge within my mind,
What might improve the knowledge that was mine.
I sat, so many times pondering what I heard,
Each truth so different, as preached by each conceited, mindless herd.

Yet all speak as though the truth was theirs alone.
And fought like dogs to self possess this cherished bone.
Yet all was lies and made no sense,
The boundary’s limits careless crossed o'er wilful, broken fence.

No lines of reason did I see,
But lies, deceit, and tricks, designed to fetter such as you and me,
And hide real truth in darkness where none might see,
Designed to keep their power intact,
Ignoring truths, whilst using lies and rituals,
And so to hide all honest fact.

R.G. Crosbie.

© 15/5/09

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