When Life….

When life is no longer ruled by and through reason, and only by and through unreason, then life itself is in danger. When life is ruled by and through belief, which is manufactured unreason, and contradictory to logic, then life will be forfeit, and must come to a tragic and unnecessary end.
Such it is, as we now stand at this the ending of man’s days, which could have been and still can be avoided. Mankind has the necessary brains and skill to do great things, as he has proven. Unfortunately, he appears to have a need to believe in things fantastic, and bigger than himself.
Because of this weakness, he has been led by those among him who only seek to rule and lead him into the quicksands of wild belief and fantasy. He has forgotten reason. Logic has become a strange thing that must fit his beliefs, no matter how ridiculous those beliefs may be. He has lost his way. The price of this his base stupidity shall be dire. His children shall curse him with their last breath, for his wanton and blind stupidity. He has drunk from the cup of his inability to overcome the brainwashing processes of his religious leaders, who lead him not into temptation, but instead into eternal damnation; that eternal damnation of none-existence. He has drunk also from the cup of his overwhelming unwillingness to embrace sweet reason, so, wallowing in fantasy, where fantasy has no place or part to play.
Drink deeply, you mankind. Drink deeply from the cup of your belief. Stay drunk on your ridiculous fantasies, and on your baseless beliefs. Soon you will be sober, because reality stalks you. Reality will win, and the hangover will be painful. And mankind will die and be no more, as he destroys all, even to his children's now-denied future. Denied, as with all things, by that which suits him to believe or not believe.


© 12th February 2010

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