False Shepherds

Those soulless clerics squatting in their stolen place,

Believed good lights of the world which they created,

Considered to be shining stars and leaders to this sacred human race.

As homosexuals, you forsake your imagined god's believed commands,

Still stay prodigious and always viewed with fear,

Shamelessly and with ease, you wash your putrid hands.

Your effigies and statues baneful influence, being but an evil dream.

You just mouth words that are untrue, to speak and place the real,

The truthful Christ, to serve your evil in extreme.

Oh laugh or mourn this lowered state of all mankind with me,

The actions of this gang of sodomites, of paedophilic priest.

The humble priest from the Roman gangster take his well protected cue,

And Paul the sodomite, they shall well be pleased, to quote him too.

He takes the human field to muster in his faith-believing pack,

Cries “Thy will be done!” whilst on sodomised children's pain,

The Roman gangster turns his holy back.

Is this his well-preached sanctity to salvation’s sured place?

Is this the priest whose word takes all mankind to favoured grace?

Is this the well marked, accepted way, for papal bliss,

Himself a wanderer from that narrow way,

His silly sheep with not enough reason left to wonder, question, or to stray?

Regardless of the things this evil band,

Their wrongs commit against the children of the believing horde,

On Sundays Mass still carries on with countless bums on seats,

To lend support to this defiling Church,

Their lack of reason bidding them to yet “support” each head,

Like an apple that's been well cored.

Devoid of self control, devoid of balances, or of reason,

Brainwashed into unreasoned belief, perchance for all of mankind's future season.

The sacred function believed by fools, by man’s evil hand itself was made,

Sacrilege the function of these priests; and abuse of children has always been,

And shall always stay, their favoured, chosen trade.

© R.G. Crosbie 17th February 2010

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