Way thought for the day 6th January 2012: Value, Part II

For a man to calculate his value, should his conceit require him to do so, he calculates that which he does not have in natural fashion. He has it only in pretences; yet not accepting that he can never sustain that which is only pretended.

A truly valuable person is valuable according to his or her true nature. They are not concerned with his or her value. Knowing that they are not the centre of the world, they are instead concerned with the effect they have on the problems and or situations of his life, his fellow man and the world as a whole.

Such people know justice naturally; and some never get the idea, as their self-seeking attitudes prevent it. Many view those that they consider to be wise, aping them, hoping it will somehow pass to them. They shall know only disappointment, and look foolish.

The wise lead; lesser must learn to assist, not hinder. Not through jealousy or envy, but in caring study and self control.

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