Way thought for the day 5th January 2012: Value, Part I

When a man is concerned with his value, he is not concerned with the actions and psychological patterns that create his true value, but only in that which is imagined.

Mankind seeks to improve himself only according to that which he thinks he is, which is according to his fancy; not knowing that the valueless person cannot attain value through deceit, either of the self, or of others.

He may calculate his true value, or his false value, either real or just imagined, according to his baseness. In such manner he confuses himself, losing the self in his own confusion and disappointments, as he shall surely fail.

The wise one is always aware of his or her imagination; not letting it rule him or her, but managing it with care. He or she uses it to good purpose.

Imagination can lead you to destruction, or take you to higher levels of knowledge, according to its management, which is self chosen, and often according to ego.

Many imagine themselves to be Caulbearers, knowing that they are not. They then invent things to give them a sense of self importance. By doing so they are dishonest with themselves, as well as with all that they come into contact with.

So do they reduce themselves; and so, in search for higher value, they achieve a level of total worthlessness.

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