Way thought for the day 19th September 2012 – Failure and success – what do these things mean?

What is ‘success’? What is ‘failure’?

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Are you a success?

If so, what guidelines do you use in order to come to this conclusion?

Perhaps you are your own boss?

Perhaps you’re just an egotist?

Perhaps you’re a boss in someone else employment?

Maybe being a so called boss makes you feel good. If so, why?

What makes you think that you are a success?

Is there something definite that leads you to think so?

Maybe you just scare people, and think that you in control, mistaking fear for respect?

Perhaps you have a big expensive car?

A private plane, or helicopter?

Do you realise that a car doesn't care who drives it?

A plane doesn't care who owns it, or flies it.

Drug dealers have big cars and private planes.

So much for the value of monetary wealth.

What makes you think that having a car, a plane, or a helicopter, makes a difference?

It would be very nice, but it doesn't alter anything that matters in reality.

How do you think?

Are you aperhaps a landlord who rents accommodation to others less fortunate?

Why are you more fortunate, or they less fortunate than you?

Education perhaps?

By right of birth?

Perhaps you don't care what you do? Business is business, right?

Right of birth perchance?

What makes you thing that birth gives you any rights?

Rights are earned; surely?

How do you view those who work for you, or rent from you?

As the enemy in-wait perhaps? Maybe you already have been like them; and didn't like it?

You know that if you’re not careful, you could end up like them.

If so, does this effect your thinking; and how?

If not, does this effect your thinking, and how?

Do you consider the less fortunate to be less than you?

Maybe you consider them unfortunate, lazy, stupid, scum?

How do you see those that you consider to be beneath you; and why?

Perhaps you were you born into a ‘good family’?

Perhaps you were you born into a ‘poor family’?

Perhaps that's why you are successful, or a failure?

Perhaps in reality it has nothing to do with it.

Maybe you are willing to go that last mile, or not?

Why do you think that a poor family is any lower in the great scheme of things, than a rich family? Rich people often gain wealth by all sorts of means; dubious, or otherwise.

Don’t get caught

Maybe you’re happy to be dishonest, as long as you’re not caught?

Maybe you are too honest for your own good?

Perhaps you were born with money and they weren't?

Maybe you were unfortunate and born an orphan?

Why should being born an orphan make any difference? It might make the going a bit tougher, but it shouldn't stop you. Should it?

Maybe those ne’er do wells deserve no better?

Maybe you just sit on your backside and complain?

Maybe you just criticize, while doing nothing?

Maybe you see the fault in others; and ignore your own discrepancies?

Maybe you deny having any discrepancies?

Less Fortunate?

Then again perhaps you are one of the ‘less fortunate’?

Maybe you had bad luck?

So what are you doing about it?

Praying? Complaining, or sitting on your backside, dreaming of how it should have really been, had the world noticed what a great person you really are?

Maybe you don't think that you’re worthy?

Perhaps you have decided that a bit of thieving gets you what you want?

Maybe getting drunk to forget, believing that it might help, and finding again and again that it doesn't, whilst learning nothing?

Drink helps you to ignore your reality; and imagine a better, though fake reality. Doesn't it?

Perhaps you have turned to religion? It is believed to help you to believe that your problems and inadequacies are all part of a greater plan; not your fault, not your responsibility.

Maybe you don't like responsibility; and prefer to blame someone, or something else?

Maybe you take some coke to make you feel good, instead of feeling bad? A quick snort of cure-all?

No wonder you’re broke if you do.

Drugs, whether booze, cocaine, or heroin, just create another, bigger problem. So, maybe you’re just a damn, self deluding fool?

Do you feel bad, and if so, why do you feel bad?

Could your subconscious mind know something that you don't want to know?

Perhaps you’re just making excuses?

Do you realise that an excuse by definition is a lie?

Is it possible?

Is it possible that we all see success and failure differently?

To a starving man, getting a crust could bread could mean success.

It's all a matter of circumstance, definition, and attitude, together with what we know and what we think that we know.

Who wants to face the fact that they are a failure anyway?

Is it not nicer to lie to yourself?

But is it better to lie, or face your reality?

What you think and what you know

Do you understand the difference between what you think, and what you know? What you believe you know and what you actually know? Or is there a difference, in your opinion?

Do you think that belief is fact, and that it is what you know that is factual and solid, and has its base in reality?

Will fact make a difference to your life? Will it turn failure into success?

What is your honest opinion?

Because of this, what you think that you know is really just belief, which is fantasy, and is therefore not factual.

Belief is what you think that you know, but you don't; even though you are so sure that you do.

Want to fight?

Want to fight me over it? Beat my head in, to prove that I’m wrong?

Maybe calling me names will help?

What makes you feel that I’m wrong anyway?

Or what makes you feel that I'm right?

Something you know for certain, or something you only believe?

What's black and what's white? Then, what is reality to you?

Why are you confused, or are you?

Why is your belief so important to you, or is it?

Why the rage, if someone makes little of what you believe?

Why are people killing each other over what they only believe?

Have you ever wondered why this is?

Why is it, that if someone attacks your religious beliefs, you can get so angry?

Look at the Middle East; and all the problems over Islam.

Imagine you’re standing in the rain and have been for some time. I pass by and say “It's raining”. Would you get angry with me? Of course you wouldn't. Why? You might think that I'm a bit daft for stating the obvious, but it wouldn't upset you.

You wouldn't suddenly have the urge to kill me, would you?

Now imagine for me that I pass by and say to you “I see you are wearing a stupid cross. You can't believe in all that rubbish surely? You're all mad to believe that rubbish”. Now how would you feel?

Why would you want to attack and maybe kill me if what you believe is really is true? Like ‘it's raining’?

If you’re a Muslim and I say, “Screw Mohammed! What a load of rubbish you believe in. You’re mad!”. You will more than likely feel a rage rising in you. Why would you want to attack and maybe kill me, if what you believe is actually true?

Truth needs no protection

Do you know that the truth needs no protection, as it is as it is, and cannot be altered?

Truth remains true regardless.

Certainly harming or killing someone will prove nothing, apart from the obvious. You've lost the plot and you’re trying to defend the indefensible.

What difference will my opinion make if it's wrong? I’m just an unknown passer by. That is, unless you either know, or at least suspect that what you believe isn't true, and needs to be protected.

If what I say is right, then it may well hurt, and give offence to someone holding a dearly held belief that is now shown, or suggested to be untrue. So you react to protect what you only believe. Look into history and see where the consequences can lead. Look at today also.

Should I show you that what you choose to believe is untrue, then learn from me. I've done you a favour.

When I state something that is actually factual, there is nothing to protect, but if it's not factual, and you know deep down that it isn't, then the subconscious mid reacts with emotion, automatically. The problem is that you might not realise that what you 'believe' is not factual; and that you only think, or should I say ‘believe' it to be factual, so you automatically defend that idea. Emotion knows no reason; just like mankind. Mayhem might well, and usually does, rule the moment when belief is challenged.

So, why?

Brainwashing that's why. Every religion practices it. They need you to believe certain things that you will come to value more than any fact. The phrase ‘dearly held beliefs’ is not an empty one.

The reason is that if they can get you to believe one completely nonsensical thing, then they can get you to accept another. And so are you manipulated: bought and sold by the faceless wonders that control everything in your world, and farm you like cattle.

Trained, like a monkey

Now why do you consider that some are successful and some are failures? It's all down to brainwashing used during your so-called education. You are not educated, but just trained, like a monkey. Educational and religious brainwashing gives you confidence; and can take it from you in the same way, making you feel inadequate. It makes you believe that you can do it, or that you can't. If you feel that you can, then you will work at it. If you feel that you can't, then you won't bother, and simply settle for the crumbs.

‘Education’ ,“ really?

Do you know that there is a set curriculum for teaching? It is designed to literally demolish you with implanted beliefs through constant suggestion, such as “You’re stupid” or “You’re of a lower class of people, but we forgive you” etc etc etc

Close your eyes” they say; and so the child does what he or she is told. This turns you from outward to inward thinking. The subconscious is accessed, and that's you done for. That's why when people wanted to be educated the Roman Catholic church in particular, followed by all the others, he clergy agreed with the idea, but only if they could do the educating. This in fact controls what they allow you to know.

It's the same with doctors today. Drug companies control research, and so only allow doctors to know what they want them to know. The trouble is that the drug companies are interested in making money, not curing or helping people. Education became the thing, because it was and still is profitable to the powers that be. On top of that, they even got you to pay them for it. Clever, don't you think? It's for their benefit and you pay, thinking it's for your benefit. They don't care about you, so wise up.

When you’re being a good boy or girl, who gets the real treat?

Are you sure that you’re not the loser?

And so are you’re bought and sold. It’s what makes you feel deserving or undeserving, that decides whether you're a success or not. That's why government and royalty believe that they can do as they like to you. They go to a different kind of school and their brainwashing (education) is different. Their purpose? It’s to reinforce and support the ruling minority, its power and its wealth, and you are there to empty their bucket.

Who do you know?

Who do you know that went to Yale or Cambridge?

Do they live in your street?

They are certain that they have the right to rule over you and to keep you in your station. You will stand stand in the cold to see them. You read all about them, because you’re are taught that they are loving and caring. And they are, but not to you. You just empty their bucket and fill their coffers.

But they don't have any such right, but as long as they can convince you that they have, through ‘divine right’ and all that rubbish, then you will just stand back and do as you’re told.

You may well even lie to yourself, because of the fear instilled in you that you may lose something. It was once said that if you give the masses circus (entertainment), cheap bread and alcohol, and the idea that they own something, then they will control themselves; and it's true. You fear the loss of whatever you have, because it's all that you have. Yet the powers that be can come and take it from you, any time they feel like it. So in fact you own nothing apart from what you can hold on to. But how do you hold onto anything when they control everything? They will vilify you and rob you blind at the same time. That will teach you, when you have lost all, but what will it teach you? More fear, that's what. Whatever it teaches you will be too late to save your bacon.

They’re going to take our cash away very soon, and give us plastic only. What power then? You really are enslaved – and by who? I bet you have never thought about it, never mind realized it. Nevertheless, as long as they make believe that they have the right, they will exercise it.

What was the point?

I am a child of the Second World War. My father was a soldier. One of my very good friends was an Italian. His name was Cataldo Santoro, oe ‘Dino’ to his mates. His father was a soldier as well. Now if his father and mine had met face to face during the war, they would have tried to kill each other; and they probably were in the same vicinity. So, why?

What was the point?

Was there a point?

Each believed the propaganda fed to them by their various governments and their religious leaders; yet they were both god-fearing and good men. Why, and for what, is the burning question. The Unholy Trinity produced their propaganda and millions died, and are still dying.

Millions suffer all sorts of horror. Yet our leaders, or should I say, our puppet masters, namely the Unholy Trinity, are considered successful. They strut around, these presidents, with their entourages of religious men in their silly dresses, with their usual boot lickers, the bankers, keeping just out of sight, lest you recognise them. Thieves, liars, cheats and murderers, one and all.

They choose the failures and the successful ones, from their different levels of society. You’re at the bottom, so they may well let you rise up just to make you lbelieve that it will be possible for it to happen to you. And it is, just possible. You might get lucky, maybe.

Should you become a politician, then watch out for the bankers. If they don't like you, and you don't want to serve their purpose, then you’re out. And fast.

Free or slave?

Let me ask you a few more questions. Are you a free person? Or are you a slave?

Do you actually know, or have you ever thought about it?

How would you feel if you suddenly woke up and realized that you're a chattel, like a wheelbarrow? Owned and under the whim and fancy of someone you don't even know; and doesn't want to know you beyond your number: the number that they can use to trade on the stock market. You know, the one on your birth certificate: your slave number. Well, the bad news is that you are an owned slave that can be taxed, used and abused, anytime the Unholy Trinity get the notion and smell profit.

Do you know what you’re doing in reality when you register a child’s birth?

You are in fact giving the child to the State, as its owned property – its slave.

But this is illegal!”, I hear you say.

Is it?

Who told you that you’re free?

Your preachers?

Your teachers?

Your government officials?

Some liar perhaps?

Perhaps you were told through the media? And, who owns the media? Do you actually know?


Somebody you know that lives down your street?

Not me and not you, that's for sure. The bankers own it, as they own nearly everything; and will soon own everything. Well, they own about ninety percent already anyway.

They tell you that slavery is against the law. So how can owning another human being and all that he orshe owns possibly be legal, never mind lawful?

Well it isn't. The don't tell you that you can object to being owned; and because you don't know, then you of course don't object.

It is then assumed that because you don't object that you agree, and so they get around the slavery thing easily. It's fraudulent, but they make the rules.

When you don't object, because you are not allowed to even know that you can, it is then assumed that you agree. Clever isn't it?

So, do you still think that you're a free person with rights?

You do have rights ,“ did you know that?

You do have rights, but only the kind that they can take from you any time they want to send in armed men to take them away from you, and announce a new statute to enforce your loss. You criminal you.

Do you know what a criminal is?

A criminal is someone who breaks the law.

Yet Hitler made laws. Stalin made laws. Weird, no? Think about it.

You see, failure and success is all down to class and instilled ideas, right or wrong; the will to rise above, or stay below. It’s partly your fault, and partly the fault of your society. Partly your educational training; partly what you have been taught to believe, and in this way overriding you ability to reason. Browbeating through religion’s teachings; where you live, who you live with; who you know; who you listen to; through TV soap programs particularly, which are designed for that exact purpose.

Clever-stupid, or stupid-clever?

It’s because you’re clever; it’s because you stupid ,” no matter how you look at it, it's all about you. Your fault because of your industry, or lack of same. The sad thing is that it’s down to your will. Maybe you just can’t be bothered, because you have allowed yourself to be convinced that you’re wasting your time?

There are a million reasons, and yet no actual reason. If actual reason came into it, the world would be a different place. It could be worse, but it could be a great deal better, but only if we make it better. And you won’t do that on your knees. You won't do that by going to church when your children have been abused by the priesthood. Still, it shows the unnatural hold they have on your mind; imagining all sorts ridiculous things, while ignoring reality.

We know about the lower classes and the middle classes, and of course the upper classes. The so called upper classes are taking us forward into the seventeenth century. His lordship will own everything, and you will do his will. It will revert to “Send me you daughter, or your wife tonight”. The way some of them behave, it could be your little boy; or even you, if you have a cute backside.

So why are you a failure, or a success? You’re trained that way. From your first day in school your mind is adjusted and the stage is set. Get up off your knees. No one has the right to abuse you, unless your let them.

Believe in their teachings my friend, if you dare, or if you’re stupid enough. To fail financially in life is not good; but to fail psychologically, is a permanent damnation, and the real end of the road to failure.

© R.G.Crosbie.



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