Way thought for the day 16th September 2012 – What is a family? (Part I of the “What is?” series)


What is family? Is it a group of people who love each other, or just a group of people who tolerate each other?
Perhaps each one, or just one amongst you, only possesses self love?

Do you really value your siblings, your mother; your father, or are they just a necessity in your life?

Do you, father and mother, value your children, or are they just there, by act of some deity?

Do you value your parents and your grandparents? Do you even bother to visit them, even from time to time? Perhaps though, you have a good excuse. Did you know that an excuse, by definition, is a lie?

What does it all mean to you? How does your mind work, or does it?

What is it all about? Is there any point, or no realistic point to it at all?
Is there any point, when all people do is what they know best? That's all they can if fact do: the things they know, they learn from their parents, from their teachers and fellow pupils. So what do you know best? Experience is all they have, so it depends on that.

What was your experience? How many years of experience, do you have? It depends on how long you have lived; there is no credit, or overdrafts in this bank.

Has life experience taught you anything positive, or are you the one who is never wrong, the one who in fact, knows absolutely nothing and thinks that you know it all?

Have you reached a pinnacle in your existence, or have you just reached your level?

Perhaps, you're are a real human being?

Perhaps, you are just something that walks upright on two legs? A bit like a monkey, without as much hair; possessing the same, or even less, intellectual capability.

What have you learned; and even more importantly, do you realize what it is that you have learned? Do you know, that you don't know,
that you don't know, what you don't know?
What do you really know that you know, or don't you really know what you don't know? It's what you don't know, that does the harm, both to you and to those you come into contact with.

(end of part I)

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