Way thought for the day – 14.6.2011


A small country may have many machines, but the people may have no use for them; they may have boats and carriages which they do not use, so they disperse them amongst their neighbours. Their armour and weapons are not displayed, for they are serious when regarding life and death. They do not travel far from home, and make not knots in ropes, but rather do much writing and much learning that they might further their prosperity. The food they eat is plain and good, and their clothes are simple; their homes are secure, without the need of bolts and bars, and they are happy in their ways and at peace with their neighbours. The cockerels and dogs of their neighbours can be heard not far away and give early warning. So the people of the villages grow old, and die in peace.

Stone Walls



Stone walls stout built surround me,

Steel door fast locked to keep me in.

Hard faced men with vile intent,

To make me confess imagined sin.


What is sin when fought in honour’s light?

Why should the oppressed not fight the goodly fight,

When all the power that some posses,

Is used upon the innocent and good, to sore repress?


Why should a man not refuse to be a slave,

To Bank, to State, and the well protected political knave?

Why should the children stand to follow on,

As slaves to power where all honour,

A distant memory stands all but dead and gone?


Why should men well skilled in war not stalk the night,

Causing those who do much wrong to cower in fright?

Why should they in splendour live whilst children die of hunger’s pain,

Just so that the governing ones who cause this suffering, may yet more money gain?


The governing wealthy ones appear to know not when their belly’s full.

Now they plan to use their wealth and power our numbers soon to cull.

Hitler's dead, but more despots queue to take his place.

Their behaviour over many years show well their foul disgrace.


The morals of these people, the Royal, the Church and banks,

Should remind all men that to them we owe no thanks.

And yet men stand and cower in fear,

And sell themselves like the common whore.

When challenged they will always say ,

“The wind blows not yet about my door”.


© R.G.Crosbie

22/4/ 2011

Way thought for the day – 13.6.2011


When covenants and bonds are drawn between the people of the land, that they might know their obligations, it is commonplace for many to fail to meet their dues. The Caulbearer and the true follower ensures that his dues are met, though not expecting others to do the same; in this way he is virtuous. He is without virtue of his own, who asks of others that they fulfil his obligations on his behalf. The way of Nature does not impose on matters such as these, but stays with the Good forever, and acts as their reward.


What you know, or think you know…


What you know, or think you know, is a mixture of what is fact and what you have been taught to accept as fact. When you follow the straight road, which is The Way, then you segregate fact from belief, and truth from that which is just believed to be true. The follower clears his or her mind of things that have no basis in fact or reality; from things that make sense from those that don’t.

© R.G. Crosbie


Upon the road of life

Upon the road of life there are many bridges. Do not try to cross them before you come to them, and do not wait to plan their crossing until after you have crossed.


© R. G. Crosbie

12th June 2011

Way thought for the day – 12.6.2011


Although seemingly paradoxical, the person who takes upon himself the people’s humiliation is fit to rule; and he is fit to lead, who takes the country’s disasters upon himself; and none other is the good leader, for he is wise and he is humble, he is soft and, so, supple, and shall endure.

Bilderberg 2011: George Osborne attending as chancellor

Bilderberg 2011: George Osborne attending as chancellor

Charlie Skelton spots some interesting names on the delegate list

British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne poses for pictures with the ministerial budget box, outside 11 Downing Street in London, on March 23, 2011. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Image 

Early this morning a Swiss website published a genuine-sounding list of delegates to this year’s conference. A couple of names leapt out, both of them Bilderberg alumni: Lord Mandelson (2009) and George Osborne (2006-2009).

Guardian article LINK

Learn about the Bilderberg Group LINK

Way thought for the day – 11.6.2011

There is nothing more yielding than water, yet when acting on the solid and strong, its gentleness and fluidity has no equal in any thing. The weak can overcome the strong, and the supple overcome the hard. Although this is known far and wide, few put it into practice in their lives.

Way thought for the day – 10.6.2011

The way of the Caulbearer and the true follower is pointed and sharp, but does not harm. The wise know that his possessions are none; therefore he gives to the world; without recognition, doing his work. In this way he accomplishes that which is required of him; without dwelling upon it in any way, he gives of his wisdom without display.