Stone Walls



Stone walls stout built surround me,

Steel door fast locked to keep me in.

Hard faced men with vile intent,

To make me confess imagined sin.


What is sin when fought in honour’s light?

Why should the oppressed not fight the goodly fight,

When all the power that some posses,

Is used upon the innocent and good, to sore repress?


Why should a man not refuse to be a slave,

To Bank, to State, and the well protected political knave?

Why should the children stand to follow on,

As slaves to power where all honour,

A distant memory stands all but dead and gone?


Why should men well skilled in war not stalk the night,

Causing those who do much wrong to cower in fright?

Why should they in splendour live whilst children die of hunger’s pain,

Just so that the governing ones who cause this suffering, may yet more money gain?


The governing wealthy ones appear to know not when their belly’s full.

Now they plan to use their wealth and power our numbers soon to cull.

Hitler's dead, but more despots queue to take his place.

Their behaviour over many years show well their foul disgrace.


The morals of these people, the Royal, the Church and banks,

Should remind all men that to them we owe no thanks.

And yet men stand and cower in fear,

And sell themselves like the common whore.

When challenged they will always say ,

“The wind blows not yet about my door”.


© R.G.Crosbie

22/4/ 2011

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