Way thought for the day – 4.6.2011


No one can say with certainty why it is better to preserve a life; that a virtuous way is a way to act. The law of Nature achieves without contriving effort, yet, without contriving it overcomes. It seldom speaks, and never asks, but is answered without a question. It is supplied with all its needs and is constantly at ease, because it follows its own plan, which cannot be understood easily by man. It casts its net both deep and wide, and, though coarse-meshed, it misses nothing that swims in the waters.

Way thought for the day – 3.6.2011



The way of the Caulbearer is to work without cunning. The way of most men is to seek freedom, while the way of the few is to seek to enslave his fellow man by any means. The chains of slavery can be forged from steel, from fears, conscience, or the good will of just and honest men, thus giving control over them and all they have and all they do; in such manner bending just and honest men to the will of the unworthy and the most evil.

Way thought for the day – 2.6.2011


A brave man who is passionate will either kill or be killed, but a man who is brave and still, might preserve his own life and the lives of others. Such know reason, and stay balanced in mind and in body.

Stupidity…what it is


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Stupidity is your fault because it is a fault; and it is yours. Therefore, no one else should be made to feel responsible for someone else’s stupidity, lack of knowledge, or their fear of any change that their improvement might bring about.

© R. G. Crosbie