I've Looked



I have looked into the void I've lived.

Down in a dark abyss.

Down where the soul lies empty and still,

Down where I no longer exist.


I've heard men laughing and joking,

Their minds empty and so unaware.

I've seen them drunk with the fear of a god,

And of reality so deep unaware.


I have seen the sun on many lands,

Rising up gold and bright.

I have heard the loud guns cracking.

To some bringing eternal night.


I have lived the way I was taught to live,

To fight for the right where I could.

It seems all a con as I look into the deep.

The gods never did any good.


I've seen men bent in prayer,

But never saw I the requested relief.

I've watched good men die, for what I don't know,

Apart for the sake of their unreasoned beliefs.


The beliefs were pressed into the minds of them all,

Afraid of their god the fiercest of all.

Afraid of their life and more of their death,

A curse on their lips with their very last breath.


The priests in their robes designed to impress,

Men dressed like women in long flowing dress.

These sodomites lead all they can reach to their death,

They own your soul and try to own your last breath.


It's time to rise up, as poverty's no joy,

They hold onto their money and the small altar boy.

Why call them men? Why call them at all?

They can only lead you away from the Caul.


No truth is preached and all is just claimed,

When illness visits, it's your sin that to blame.

It's now twenty-eleven and most men can read.

Why follow so blindly this most evil of seed?


The Unholy Trinity* stands aloof and remote,

They farm you like a sheep, or a good milking goat.

Open you eyes and open your soul,

Turn you to reason and keep your blood whole.


R.G. Crosbie.

Copyright 18/4/2011


* Politician, banker and priest

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