To Explain how the Human mind Doesn't Work (or, things you are not supposed to know)

The human mind is not very different to any other animal mind. You have the conscious part that you are aware of and believe yourself to be in control of. Then there is the unconscious mind, which makes up 90% of your total mind, and you have no awareness of it. Here's where religious leaders and all the members of the great unwashed brigade come in. And they do so with bad intentions.

To have power you must have control, or you don't have any power. Look at Gaddafi today. He is losing control; and so his power over the people will eventually disappear. Even if he wins, he loses. If you watch the situation you will see what is actually happening on both sides. The Imams are there because their power depends on people seeing them praying. The were there forty odd years ago, backing Gaddafi. Again God/Allah was on their side, and so on Gaddafi side.

When the so called rebels eventually win, the clerics will claim that it's all down to their prayers to their god. They have therefore demonstrated their power, by having an assumed ability to actually contact God; and God has heard them and granted these wonderful men their request; namely, to overcome their and their people’s enemies. The suggestion is that they are theirs, as in their property. If your not one of their property-owned people, then you're a bad guy.


The subconscious mind holds all your memory and all your emotions. Emotion is always the power in religion. Why? Because it comes from the subconscious part of the mind, and the subconscious has no reason. If the subconscious possessed any reason, it would start to question. This would have the effect of slowing it down, and you would then die. You would die because it changes millions of cells in your body every day. It decides when you are hungry, thirsty, or want to go to the toilet. It contains all your genetic information. It existed in the spermatozoa before it left your father and entered your mother. It contained the instinctive information that made is swim in the right direction, and so guided it to the egg.

Trained Reaction

When you find yourself in a situation you will react. To react is to act without reason. Your conscious mind can only operate about three to four groups of muscles at a given instant. Your subconscious can control and operate them all instantly. Hence the word TRAIN’. You are trained so that you can act without conscious thought, as it takes too much time, and training is a many-edged sword. Training can help you to change gear in your car without thinking about it. Training can make you controllable. Both are sides of the same coin. As in all things, negative and positive.


If you think about it you do a thousand things every day and never think. Here is the weakness that allows control. Then rises the question of what exactly is emotion. It is thoughtless, instant reaction. It's what get you in to trouble: the sudden loss of temper, and of course, silly and untrue ideas. Ideas that when planted, especially when young, effect all your thinking, or not thinking, in the future; yet again leaving you vulnerable to control and manipulation.

When you think, you do so in pictures in your mind. You visualize. The subconscious mind watches the film and accepts every thing literally. That is until what is named the Critical Factor enters your mind, at about eleven to thirteen years old. The Critical Factor is a sort of filter between the conscious and subconscious. It filters thoughts and ideas.

In the young there is no filter, so if you say to a child, “You are a dirty girl/boy” often enough, the subconscious accepts,that you are a dirty girl/boy. This will give you an sense of inadequacy for the rest of your life, unless dealt with by a competent psychologist. Because the powers that be seek only to have control over you, psychologists are trained to do what society requires, with ‘society’ being the Unholy Trinity (the Church, the State and the Bankers). They are taught only what the powers that be want them to know. Their knowledge and understanding is therefore limited. And, like the monkey, they are trained to do their tricks without understanding what the tricks are about. All they can see, all they know, or can understand, is directed to their only goal – the peanut (their meager rewards for performing the tricks they are trained to do).

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