Dreams vs Visions

When I was small I lived a very confusing life, which was not only confusing; it was painful. I was not allowed friends, just in case. I was at times not even sure of what ‘just in case' was or meant, but I had to live accordingly. So ‘just in case' was the watchword of my existence. And so I developed a secret world of my own within my own imagination, where I had friends and everything else I needed. I discovered the playground of my mind. At that tender age I did not know that there was a difference between what one needed and what one wanted. So it got a little mixed up, as probably happens to most small boys. Especially the lone, and lonely, ones. I see it in my son; and as he grows older, so will his pain: the pain of being different. His crime is being my son. He, like me, is a threat to what people ‘believe'. I hate that word, as it always defies reason.

My life was as it still is, The Way. There are two ways to live, I was taught: the right way, and the wrong way. There are choices between the two, but even they are illusions, as in life there is never really any option. There is only one right Way. If you do not like the road you have before you, you can dream about changing it. But that optional road is all illusion, dreamt up as an avoidance of something that doesn't suit you for whatever reason. Unfortunately, reason usually has nothing to do with it at all.

There is only one Way, and whether we like it or not when it first presents itself, it usually turns out to be the best way. Anything performed wrongly cannot have a result that is right. You cannot generate good from the use of bad or evil. Like oil and water, they just don't mix.

I dreamed great dreams when I was a boy. I was often told of the men and women of yesteryear, dreaming of a great future for all mankind, and indeed, for all things upon the earth. They starved, and they were imprisoned and burned to death. Every kind of torture that can be thought up in the most evil of human minds was poured out with great gusto upon them. They were called ‘heretic' and anything else that would justify their treatment. They were made to look worse than murderers in the minds of New Christians. They were also called visionaries, prophets and wise ones, by many still not indoctrinated into the new order.

At this time of life I wonder how many people ever think about the difference between a vision and a dream, because the boundary is so finely drawn. There is a very definite boundary, but sometimes it can become a little hazy. When I go down in to myself, down below where below lies, and allow my mind to probe the very depths and scan amongst the heights, I appear to dream; and yet the things I see in my mind's eye are not dreams. What I see there, nine times out of ten, will come about. As I grow older these things are more and more likely to happen. People want the winning numbers to the Lotto, or the winner at some race or other. They forget the human race, and I can certainly cannot give the winning numbers for the results of that race, as only a very few shall win. It is a race; and the clock is ticking. Second by second, nearer and nearer to the end of the human race; each second lessening the odds of man's survival. But I am a visionary, and people seem to think that I am not to be taken too seriously. I wonder why they feel that way? Is it fear of something? Even if I might be wrong, and especially if am wrong, why their passion and their hate?

Someone I had considered a friend, recently turned against me. He decided that he was not impressed by my behaviour; that I had no guts. I didn't do things the way he wanted me to do them. I disobeyed his advice, the way he saw it. He thought I had taken someone else's advice, which I hadn't. He thought that because I asked advice that I couldn't manage things on my own. He had forgotten that though I listen to and ask for advice, I am not obliged to take it. I am just seeking different opinion so that I can improve my decisions. He also forgot that I have no wish to impress any one person, and at that time he didn't know what I knew, and what I knew made all the difference. It was neither a matter of guts or impression, it was simple expediency, so often misunderstood. I made judgement on what I knew for sure. I was in a position where I couldn't win the battle at that time, in that place. And so I retreated, so that the war might yet be won. After years in The Way he still didn't get it, though he really thought he had, and still thinks that he still has. Reason, to someone with all the facts to hand, may seem unreasonable to someone without all the facts, who presumes that they know differently, in spite of the facts.

As a child I was constantly hypnotised to implant the knowledge so that it would not be forgotten. Just as so many before me over two thousand years, including the people doing the implanting; with the Purpose of The Way having paramount consideration in all matters. This Purpose is to make mankind use reason, knowledge, logic and provable truths only; to get them to recognise the difference between belief and fact, as so many don't seem to realise that there is a difference. These followers of The Way gave their lives for two thousand years, to the protection of the knowledge and the prophecies, as I have also done. They spent all their existences at often very great cost to themselves and their families, to protect the Purpose. They did it because they had a dream and carried the visions and words of those often long since dead. They were, and are, a simple set of dreams. They are also the impossible dreams; as another one-time friend has recently brought to my attention: the visions and prophecies of members of the Lost Brotherhood, long since dead and forgotten by the many, but remembered by the few who still carry on, even though all looks lost.

But the game is not over until it's over. Should we fail, as I suspect we will after all that, then their suffering, their messages and their knowledge has been wasted all those thousands put to an early, shameful and painful death; often after having to watch their children brutalised and burned alive. And all because nobody really wants to know about a reality, which is the vision, and not just the dream that they dream.

Even though they now live in the time when the prophecies are coming to completion and mankind now faces the unthinkable; this unthinkable thing being the Ending of Days, as prophesied, being now upon us. And yet, people who consider themselves reasonable and sane, don't want to know.

When I was a kid I dreamed of being a cowboy, and like all childish dreams about that era, was based on the fantasies of Roy Rodgers and Hop-along Cassidy. Riding a horse, that was my best friend; and how sad is that, if your only dream is to have only a horse as your friend? Imagine being unable to see yourself with any sort of human friend. Imagine seeing only a life with no friends at all except a horse. I was told that I was born alone and would live alone and die alone. All for the saving of the human race that doesn't want to know, and would far rather ridicule and abuse than listen with an honest heart and an open mind.

Back then I imagined myself righting wrongs and saving damsels in distress; riding the range and disappearing off into the sunset. Still, the dreams soothed the mind, but the vision was persistent even then. Reality was the constant grindstone upon which my nose was daily and painfully rubbed. I lived in constant danger, as I still do. Considered mad by many, because I follow the teachings of the Lost Brotherhood, considered another load of mad old men, or worse.

We of the Brotherhoods preach reason, knowledge, logic and living life by provable fact only. How mad can you get? It's literally beyond belief. We are the Brotherhood of Nazarenes; not lost really, but finding it advisable to keep a low profile, or suffer for our foolish carelessness.

Imagine a world where there are no gods, because the various religious theories show no proof that there is a god, or any gods. There is mountains of proof that there are not any gods, or even one.

Imagine a world where there is no goddess who gave birth to a son who was god and the son of himself, and her a virgin. Imagine not having such unreal things to believe in. Imagine no mysteries that are explained satisfactorily by those famous words, ‘The lord works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform'. This mantra has reinforced certainty in the bosom of so many assumed-sane and reasoning people in the past. Imagine all the questions answered in this way. Dreams, visions, fantasies, realities, all mixed up into a soup: a soup so full of sustaining ingredients for the ‘soul' that it can completely confuses the mind, which of course it's deliberately designed to do.

When I was young I had so many dreams, like getting married to a nice girl; having children of my own. Bright intelligent good children of fine mind; kind and loving people when they grew up. I dreamed of a farm big enough to give us all a good living, where we could live at one with the natural world, in peace, and at one with The All.

My dream became different as I got all that nice stuff kicked out of me. I have committed the greatest crime a man can commit in this world of men. I freely and openly confess to it. I was and still am different, even though I know that being different is strictly taboo. Still I persist in this great wrong against all men. And in spite of all the retributions against me, yet still do I persist. Like an old dog with a bone, I keep chewing away at life, shouting ‘Reason, or die!' Anyone would think, and perhaps rightly so, that I can't help myself.

I hang on to reason as though it has some honest value. I seek knowledge which is factually provable, as much as I can, so that I can live my life according to the best ideals possible. Wherever possible, I use logic coupled with reason, mixed in a bowl of what I know to be true; in order to gain even more knowledge, which is reasonable, logical, and provable; improving myself daily as best I can, according to the teachings of The Way. Sometimes I get things wrong, but when things cannot show themselves factually correct I just go back to the proverbial drawing board and start all over again, until I do get it right.

I speak of the Prophecies. “All visions!”, I hear you say. “Not reasonable!”, I hear you say. But when they always come true, as even the blind and the mad amongst us can at this time see happening about them, then how, in reason, can they be ignored? If you know a betting man, and his choice of horse always wins, would you then back a different one to him? I think not.

Visions and dreams, you see. Much alike but poles apart. Just like me and my fellow man. We look alike, but are poles apart. The dream is impossible, but the vision will come about. The seas will rise and the tidal waves will come. There will be constant small wars for one cause or other, but mostly for no reasonable cause at all. All men will be at war with all men; and so shall it be.

In this life we all have choices. Men will say that they would die for a man's right to speak his mind; to have his say according to his thinking. It's one of the big lies believed true today.

I am against sodomites. They might have named themselves as Good As You, spelled GAY, but they are still Sodomites, practising the filthiest perversions that the sick minds of men can possibly conjure up. The very idea of the golden meal and the golden shower; drinking someone else's urine and swallowing sperm, which is a bit like drinking raw blood, turns my stomach. Imagine fisting, which is forcing your hand up someone's anus and removing the faeces from the bowel. Imagine having it done to you and, worse still, liking it. Talk about ‘eat it while it's still hot'. I will never be convinced that such behaviour is normal, let alone natural.

Look what it says in the Christian bible,

And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, “Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.

(Molech being the God of the bowel and the anus, as well as being the god of Sodom when it existed; the buttocks being described as the pillars of Molech ever since. The religious leaders today know all this, but prefer to deny it; being sodomites themselves. They say that the Bible doesn't speak against it, but this is copied and pasted directly from the King James Version of The Holy Bible. )

And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.

And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not: then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.”

Check up on this in case I might be wrong, and read it for yourself. Then ask yourself how can you claim to follow the teaching of the Bible and accept perversion such as this, never mind excusing it, or even protect those who indulge in it. Leviticus 20:1

Remember all the Christian priests who have recently been caught for ‘giving their seed to Molech' via sodomising small and helpless children? The Church of Rome covers for them, where it can. So much for their claim to following the teachings of the Bible. And for their claim to righteousness, which is just so much more hypocrisy. Yet these are the same people who condemn us, even to death, because we refuse to bend to their ways. We do not advocate stoning to death as the bible does; but making eunuchs of them seems about right, considering the pain and suffering such beings have caused and carry on causing, without conscience.

Next time you go to a restaurant and the cook is a sodomite, then ask yourself, “Did he really wash his hands before coming to work.?” Do you really want to eat the food he has handled; and have you the right to ask about his sexual orientation before ordering? Hell of a thought, isn't it?

Even worse nowadays, you don't have the right to question or the right to choose. Imagine when you're sitting there getting your hair done. Feel his fingers running through your hair, and then ask yourself the question, “What was he up to last night? The wrist or the elbow?”

The only people in my experience who support or condone homosexuality, especially amongst men, are usually of doubtful sexual orientation themselves. Or they are sometimes politically motivated for self gain? Either way, it's wrong. It's no wonder there is so much disease amongst perverts, is it? The problem is that they don't keep it to themselves. Guess what? They are passing it on to you. Have you heard of T.L.S? Trans-Lupus Syndrome; referred to as black rot, for good reason. Have to be careful here – I might be called a panic-monger again; yet another crime I stand accused of.

I just think that when we make laws we should consider what is good or what is bad. We should consider JUSTICE firstly; but there is only law, and justice is only made conspicuous by its absence. We go on a lot about rights, but ignore the responsibility that goes with them, which is never mentioned. Rights are earned, and do not come automatically. I have a right to choose my opinion, and am supposed to have freedom of speech and conscience, according to my basic human rights.

In reality I do not have a right to speak about homosexuality according to law, unless I am in favour of it. If I wish to teach it to small children, then that's OK, but I must not speak against it. Well to blazes with that for a glimpse of one-sided rationalisation. Remember that law without justice is, by another name, called oppression. Beware oppression: the human race has observed and suffered if often enough in the past; and history will repeat itself.

“What about the right of the pervert?”, you might well ask. Remembering justice and freedom – if you behave in a way that will harm others, then, in justice, you forgo that right. Sodomy is dirty and disease-ridden, and therefore a danger to others. In as many years ago we had twenty or twenty five cases of AIDS/HIV in the world. All were homosexual men. Their rights were strictly observed for some obscure reason; or excuse, which might be more accurate. Now millions are dying. Innocent children are dying. What about their rights? What about the rights of the majority and the normal, to live without sexually generated disease brought into being by the very few?


There are people in this world born female in male bodies, and when you observe them, all they want to do is have the operation, and get rid of their masculine organs. Such unfortunates are not perverts, and should be treated with the greatest respect and sympathy. Help for them should be automatic and free. Nature has treated them unkindly, and far be it from me to add to their suffering; and they do suffer.

The true pervert, however, guards his masculinity whilst behaving as a female. ‘Who's on top tonight ducky?”, and all that. “I want to be the girl”. I wonder, do they toss a coin?

Now I have never researched that one, but it is a possibility. The true homosexual may well be married to some unfortunate woman, and sire unfortunate children. According to the words of Jesus the Christ, and I quote, “Such men should be made eunuchs of and cast into the chains of slavery, for it is the only purpose that such men can serve”. Their perversion is a choice, and nothing else. You would find that if the teaching of Jesus were enforced, the so called gay parades would come to a sudden halt. They demand the right to act feminine, but they don't want to loose their manhood at the same time; no wonder they are all mixed up, or are they just trying to mix the rest of us up, in order to gain recruits?

When I was young I had many dreams, but I didn't even know such filth existed. I though all women were just like my dear old mum. I thought all men were, or should be, just like my dear old dad, who willingly gave his life fighting for freedom in the Second World War for all the things that are now being taken away under the guise of phobia. A phobia is an unreasoned fear, a mental illness, and not an opinion.

At this time, unfortunately, I have no dreams left: they have all turned into nightmares. I can see people as they really are; and people are not nice. In fact many of them are not even human – just pure beast. The vision is different, even though I know what rubbish mankind has become. It appears that he was never any different. He has never really left the cave; and, in some cases, not even the tree – pure chimps.

The world dies beneath his feet because of man's abuses. And what is the most important thing on TV? “Who won what football match?”, and, “Did you see that goal”? and how many pints were consumed and how drunk you got. Just like the prophecy of Jesus said. “In that time, at the Ending of Days, all women will be whores and all men shall be drunkards”. He could have taken it further, because these whores are drunkards, and those drunkards are all whores. They even seem to be proud of their behaviour as well. Mankind doesn't see the TV programmes warning of what is to come; but then again they are watered down, so you will take no notice of them, and will not take the whole thing seriously. That's why people like me never get a hearing: we might make you think, and that would be really dangerous to the powers that be.

They want you dependant on drink, drugs and anything else, just as long as you have a dependency, so that you can be managed by it. They make you afraid of guns so that you won't know how to protect yourself against them when the time comes. And it's coming – the road where there is no going back. The clock is ticking. But all the sport and the booze and the sex takes the mind of the ordinary people off what is really happening to them, and off what will happen.

In a few years from now you will, except from the chosen few, be starving to death. But you don't matter, and you demonstrate this simple fact every day. You really don't matter, because you won't think and you won't see. You will hate and you will ridicule and abuse, but you will not do anything positive. You will wait for someone to save your sorry backsides, and think it your right to have them do so. In the meantime, you are like a pack of baying wolves at a carcase.

You will not stand up with us and be counted – it might cost you. Be assured, if you stand up, it may well cost you money and material things. It might even cost you your life, as it has for so many in the past tow thousand years, and even before that: back to Odin's time and Marduk's time. You can ignore and hedge your bets and be as cunning and as clever as you like; but the gardener is already in the orchard, and there will be a severe pruning. Death is all there is for you, as you're dead anyway.

I bet you don't ‘believe' me though. Easier to ‘believe' that I am just some head case feeling sorry for himself, or worse – a cult boss?

I bet you think that the world will stop turning when you die, because you are so damn important. Well it won't. Still, not to worry, you are a reasoning person. According to you anyway, you are intelligent and rational. Of course you are. You believe in God and you believe in life after death, with you sitting on the right hand of God the Father, and all that. You believe that someone will do something, and that God wouldn't let mankind die out. After all he loves you.

Islam ‘believes' it, and Christians ‘believe' it. But the Muslim believes that Christians are infidels, with an infidel god; and the Christians believe that the Islamic god is not their god and is a load of old rubbish.

Everybody ‘believes' his god is the real god; and they all think that they are reasonable people; and that everybody else has got it all wrong. After all ‘their' leaders are conning them to get power and money, but ‘our' religious leaders are so different. They teach us what to ‘believe', and destroy us if we don't. For our own good of course.

They make sure that we can all go to Heaven when we die and live forever with the ‘real' god. The Moslem will agree, but the Christian will say that his god is a false god. The Christian has the same dream, but the Muslim and all the others will say the Christian god is a false god. And as they all disagree, even amongst themselves, it's all a bit confusing to me, because I know for a fact that belief can only exist in the absence of fact. So what is it all about?

It's about wealth and power. That's what it's all about. So far the world could take the punishment. All the religions promoted large families because they needed the gun fodder to take on other religions and political systems that did not suit them. The churches kept men ignorant, while the nobility, together with the landlord, kept them poor. Your teeth have long since been pulled, and you no longer have any bite. Now the world cannot sustain us any longer. There's too many of us, so we are about to become extinct. That's what the independent bankers have planned for you, but they ‘believe' that they will be OK. But off course you don't want to ‘believe' that, do you?

The world of mankind is coming to its just end. I have been saying this and preaching the prophecies for nigh on fifty years, and have paid the price for my pains. The price laid down by reasoning men, not to mention women. The evidence is there and it's not prophecy any more.

But don't take any notice of me or the likes of me. For thousands of years the Brotherhood have been telling you, but you wouldn't listen. Jesus was telling you, but you wouldn't listen. So why would anyone listen to me? Why should you? It would spoil the grand dream.

But then, why should it bother you? After all you will get your life out of it. Your children won't. But why should that concern you? Have another drink and let's watch the games. Don't watch the Big Game though, will you? It will be too much for your stupid little mind. Look at that lovely goal – straight into the back of the net. It could be you out there, with the crowd cheering. Imagine yourself out there.

Of course you didn't get the breaks. And it's not because you are too fat and too stupid and too plain useless now, is it? Or is it because you are to fat, too stupid and to much of a drunk and an all round waste of space? That's just to name but a few reasons why you are not on the field. You won't be on the big playing field either, when the final whistle blows. You think you're free, doing your own thing? Pathetic. You're already in the net and you're going to get landed – well and truly landed!

In these latter years, you have lost a lot of rights, and you haven't noticed. There are cameras everywhere. For your protection of course. All town and city planning is done with ‘,¦the containment of the public in mind'. Just in case of riots and – may your god forbid – you might get hurt.

The powers that be are so considerate. They have legislation to put chemicals in your water supply as well: to keep it clean and protect your teeth. Did you know that fluoride is a rat poison and is a waste product; from which millions of euros are made? Did you know it also effects fertility in women? And, guess what? It doesn't help you teeth either. It just hardens the surface and cracks it, and your teeth rot because of the cracks. It causes osteoporosis as well, so which do you think is the worst of the three? Bad teeth, infertility, or being crippled because your bones are too brittle and keep breaking?

The reason that we enjoy better oral health these days is because we clean our teeth. No other reason. Did you know that there is enough poison in one tube of tooth paste to kill a child? And it has happened. They don't mention it though: it is not part of the grand plan that you should have your attention brought to it. And now they can put anything they like in your water legally? Think about it.

Have I got to you yet? Have I panicked you yet? I hope so. Better late than never. Perhaps instead you believe it won't happen. I've got some bad news for you, – it's already happening.

Methane is being released from the tundras of the world as the melting process goes deeper; therefore causing the earth to warm up, and as it warms, the tundras of the world melt a little more and release more methane. The seas will soon give up their methane and the seas will burn. We are burning oil and fossil fuels, which are heating up the world; and around and around we go. This is changing the climate, so our crops will fail.

Did you know we have only fifty days supply of food on the planet at any one time? Did you know that the oil will all be gone by 2017 to any useful, let alone affordable, level? Did you know that the governments of the earth, with the blessing of the various religious leaders, have now infrastructures planned, never mind in place for you, when the crunch comes? There is no alternative to oil, as bio fuel would require all the agricultural land in the world to produce it; and even then it would not be enough. Wind power is not reliable enough; and with climate changes we will suffer long terms of high winds, which will destroy the generators, and long terms of calm, when they won't turn. There is enough uranium for ten years; and when it runs out, they can't decommission the generating plants. What then?

Water is going to be another problem. With the heating of the atmosphere, the rain patterns will change, and so will the river systems. As the water warms up, the survival of some nasties will become possible where they could not survive before, thereby increasing disease problems.

A time of flood and drought will be the norm; as I said forty years ago, and again in the book The Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils, which I wrote in 1997 and published in 2000. I stated when I was writing it, to expect extreme weather conditions, wonderful summers and catastrophic summers; winters from the sublime to the unserviceable; diseases like you have never seen before; not only among mankind, but animal-kind also. They won't survive on dirty water, and without them neither will you. Remember the poor animals all the time. We depend on them as well; yet we treat them badly; and valued only by their price per pound. Wait till you're starving and watch the price go up. Watch your values change. And, guess what? It will be too late. Like in all things, men learn too late; and this time better late than never won't apply. Late will mean too late – you're dead.


I had a dream, as did the members of my Brotherhood. Now all there is left is an eternal nightmare. And as Jesus and some of the other brethren said, “Man shall know no reason”. And you don't, and you won't, and you will become extinct, and it is your own stupid, short-sighted fault.

The great dream has been laid spoiled, burned in the fires of mankind's stupidity. I have spent my life watching my fellow man stick his head firmly in the sand. Fifty years ago I was laughed at, scorned and brutalised, by people who I though would listen. People who should have had more sense; and certainly more humanity in them. Or at least have enough about them to realise the cost of this mindless madness.


Then I started to realise that reality has nothing to do with human nature, which is but the base nature of the lowest of beasts. I was taught this by the Brethren as a child, but I did not realise it, that mankind sees only what it suits him or her to see; to hear only what it suits him to hear. He is both blind and deaf to all else. Should you disturb his dream or shake the seedling of his belief (they are too pathetic to be called trees), then he will kill you, and even feel justified in the doing of it. Belief justifies all wrongs.


I have sat in many a Christian church listening to the account of the persecution of the Christians in the Coliseum by the Romans. It sounded so horrible and so heartless, without compassion for anyone or anything. Feeding them alive to lions; tearing them apart with wild horses and all the other things the barbaric Romans did to them. Weren't the Romans deplorable? Have you ever read the Jesuit Vow? You can find it on the net and in case you can't, or can't be bothered, I will add a link for it at the end.

The Christian learned well from the Romans and became even better in the art of torture, and even more skilled in cruelty. Remember the Inquisition, for which the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) was formed. Nothing too much for these people.

The Christians have put the Romans firmly in a lowly place in their ability to dispense unnecessary cruelty against any who would not or could not believe what they demanded you believe. “Why?”, you might ask. All to protect their faith and belief, or perhaps more, to protect a very lucrative set up. Control over the masses was and is what it's all about. Every king recognised the value of such power over people. He became ‘placed by God' to rule over you' Wow! No one would argue with him now.

The New Christian Church slaughtered millions. They murdered so many that they placed even Hitler in a position almost like the chief teddy at the teddy bear's picnic, when compared to the Popes both present and past. When the present Pope John Paul the Second, after reading the prophecy that I sent to him, started to apologise; he called it “a mistake”. I made mistakes at school and I used an eraser to change them. What can they use to rub out their so called mistakes?

Many will say that this cannot be true, and that they refuse to believe it, which is fine by me. Better you check up, and know it is true for sure. Read the book, The Vicars of Christ; and there are more to read, and they are not fairy stories, as they are well researched and factual.

How many people who claim to be Christian know the name of Jesus? Perhaps one in ten thousand?And who cares anyway? How many of you know that you are not even Christian? You follow the teachings of Paul, and ignore the teachings of Jesus, so you are a Paulinianite, and nothing to do with Jesus the Christ. Your belief system was set up by Constantine and the early, so-called, Christian fathers, and had nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus. Your so-called modern Holy Bible was put together by committee in 1611, by King James.

Those who followed what is known as The Way were the first Christians, and were involved with the Christ personally. The religion known today as Christianity was invented by Saint Paul, and he was also known as Paul the sodomite, who had some very peculiar ideas about women.

Odd, isn't it, the way the Christian churches are still ruled at the highest levels by sodomites? The proof is in the news papers every day. Priests sexually assaulting small boys. Remember Leviticus? Instead of waking up to the horror of modern Christianity, you decide to believe that it never happened. Well, it did, and it still is happening (keep sending the money).

Jesus said that he who stands by and does nothing is as guilty as he who perpetrated the wrong. But of course you don't want to believe that either, do you?

Here's another one for you. Jesus was not a Christian, and neither was he a Jew, except by birth. He was a follower of the oldest philosophy known to mankind, known as The Way. You can believe it as a matter of fact, or you can believe anything, and in ten seconds flat you can change your mind and believe something else. Belief is a fluid thing, and is changeable with the greatest of ease; unlike genuine truth and provable facts, which are unchangeable.


I will give you more things that you won't want to believe. In one hundred and forty seven years, give or take a couple of years, there will be no human beings left on the face of the earth, or even beyond the earth. There will be horrors beyond your wildest nightmares, until the world is shut of you. There really is only one Way, and as mankind doesn't seem to want to follow it, then this will be his reward.

I sound like a crank, don't I? No sounding trumpets. No staircase to paradise; no shining loving god to greet you. Not even one winged angel.

If you ‘believe' that I am some sort of a nut case, so be it. If denial of the reality of what I write helps you to go on avoiding reality for a little longer, so be it; but it wont stop anything happening. The oil is running out. Pollution will get worse and worse; and even if we cut back now, we are too late for it to make much difference.

Diseases will run riot and there will in the end be nothing we can do, except have faith and believe that some god or other will just allow other people to die, and spare you. He is supposed to love everybody. Apparently, that all depends. But I am not sure exactly what it depends on. Are you one of his favoured, and if so why? What makes you think so?


The climate is going to change more dramatically. Harvests will fail. We will go on covering farmland in concrete, because it's cheaper than breaking rocks in the barren places; but the cost will be beyond money. People seem to know the price of everything and the cost of nothing.

We will go on making poisons and bombs to kill each other, as we have always done. The ice caps are melting and we are still burying atomic waste there, where it is believed it will be safe for a million years. It's not safe now, as the ice is melting, but we believe and have faith that it is all OK. ‘Someone will invent something”,¦really?

The governments wouldn't do something so stupid? Oh no? You want to bet your miserable life on that, because whether you know it or not, that's what you're doing. The very air you breathe is carrying radiation form Chernobyl right round the world. But it would cost such a lot to repair it, and there's not enough money. After all, we have wars to finance and new jet planes for politicians to fly to important meetings in. It would never do if they went in anything less than the most impressive, and maintain their assumed prestige.


The forests of the world are disappearing, lowering the oxygen content of the air we breathe, and the list of problems goes on and on and on. Whole species that are part of our support system are disappearing. In a little while, you will find that they are not just part of our support system, because you're going to find that you're not able to survive at all without them. These assumed unimportant things are your whole support system.

2006 will be a year of slow awakening; 2008 a year of financial chaos; carried forward into the foreseeable future; 2012 a year of a shocked opening of the eyes of realisation; as the members of the Pilgrim Group start to flex their muscles. Form here, you are no longer safe, especially from your own governments. They will be, as they have always been, puppets of the bankers, such as the Rothschilds, the Windsors, and all the others members of the Pilgrim Group. 2017 will leave you in no doubt that you are looking at the beginning of the end, give a few years one way or another; but also remember, it could be sooner as well as later.

When we are desperate, we will start to kill each other, because there won't be any one to stop us from doing it. The Beast will rise within you, and you will show that you are as you are – less than beasts, and lower than dirt – unless you rise above it before it's too late. These dates were given in the last Prophecy of Jesus, which, when sent to Pope John Paul the Second, as I was so instructed, made him start to apologise for the “mistakes” of the Roman Church, as I've mentioned before. However, it was soon decided to keep the prophecy quiet , because it would not do if it was admitted that someone other than him, or someone close to him, was the keeper of the Seven Seals.

They wouldn't want to panic the multitude. After all, they will all go to Heaven if they have been good and paid their dues – especially if thy have paid their dues. In the meantime, as I said before, in the Seven Signs, the Seven Seals the Seven Veils, you won't start to dig wells till your backsides are on fire, will you?


The fish are dying out, and all the water will be so contaminated that you won't be able to clean it fit for drinking. The governments of the world are standing by to see where there might be profit to be made from all this. And they give people like me a hard time, in the hope that we will all go away. Still, you will probably get you life out of it; and who really cares about the children nowadays anyway? And what do the children care about? After all, they are all drunkards and whores, just like their parents, aren't they?

It's a beautiful world, and I think it an awful shame that we did not have better values and keep it that way, because in the end we will destroy it, as we seem so hell bent on doing. But we destroy ourselves as well, which makes no sense. We have always been wreckers, and shown more interest in destruction than construction.


This brings me back to where I started, asking, “WHY?” What is wrong with mankind that's made us so blind? So stupid? So unreasoning? We argue and kill each other over what we believe, yet it's only what we believe. It's not real, because if any of it was true, we would not have to protect it, as truth is constant and needs no protection. Whatever was true is true, and always will be true. You can add to the truth or take away from the truth. You can take it out of context; you can misquote it; but you can never change it. The truth just is, was and shall always be. It needs no protection from anyone.

Belief, on the other hand, is what we don't know; we only hope it is true. People are like children waiting for Christmas, afraid to say that there is no Santa Claus, in case they don't get any presents, yet at the same time they know that there really is no Santa. What you believe is not necessarily truth or fact. It is having faith in what we don't know; and it has always been and will always be what we don't know, that harms us the most. Together with the ignorance of what we don't want to know, it becomes lethal.

To ignore fact and believe in things which are beyond belief only leads to further catastrophe, and will inevitably avoid nothing, and profit us less. And I do feel sorry for myself, as I am often accused of; after all I have wasted all my life on something which I have always felt was a waste of time. But, I had this vision. A vision not just a dream, as a vision is based on factual knowledge and experience and doesn't disappear when you wake up. I held a vision that the Ending of Days could be avoided. and that people could not be so base and so short-sighted, that they couldn't see. But I was wrong.

We of the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, the Brotherhood of Light, known also as the Illuminati, and all those who were faithful to The Way, its purpose and its philosophies, had a vision. I fear it turning into a dream, and that fateful awakening which will surely follow, as it does with all dreams. How could anyone not feel deep sorrow?




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