Reasoned Light

Retire, and read the Hallowed Book,

The one from whence all books were writ.

Heed you not its later altered states,

That turned its wisdom into shit.

There truths abound, laid out by men so wise,

And do not prize them less because inspired in time long past,

Their truth defiled by soulless men, reducing all they touch to lies.

They show contempt of just commands, to make their exaltation last.

So well inspired those ancient, pregnant pages stood ,

The wonders and the treasures of the Ancient Wise.

If learned and understood by modern man,

Mayest make him ponder, bringing wisdom’s light,

To long blind inner eyes.

Each of us should swear a solemn oath, and never set aside,

To heed the ancient Nazarene, regardless of his recent plight.

That reasoned judgments shall we seek and close abide,

In my esteemed the purest gold,

The clearest, reasoned honour’s light.

R.G. Crosbie


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