The Ruin of Blind Belief


The ruin of blind belief is soon at hand.

Live you no longer in her shadow.

She is gathered together by most evil kings,

Who follow her, shall rot with her, both bone and marrow.

Deep into the dark abyss of false belief,

Where injustice lies, unfathomable greed and pain abide,

Where unjust law bears down with no relief,

Deep, where man’s shame may safely hide.

The wickedness of our societies, with lust for power is led.

The drive for wealth, unbridled power the favoured throne,

From such fouled stable shall mankind ere seek a better bed,

Soon the ego and stupidity of kings shall ensure its own.

Lead on you donkeys; bray, for your just reward is close to hand,

Your putrid secret ways to bend men's minds shall soon be known.

Closer than you think, you stand condemned by your own evil hand,

May even all of man be lost midst the horrors of your own atomic cone.

Sweet reason must abide where ere the sun shall show her light,

Her daily altered course runs ignorant of man’s self-catered plight.

Justice must stretch upon each land from shore to shore,

With only truth and justice to be the common rules for ever more.

Till the sun shall neither rise, to set, to shine upon all mankind,

Presumptuous man! …sweet reason should you seek and find.

You that are so well formed, yet so weak,

With fear pounding in every chest,

First, if you can harder reason, guess;

Well formed, no weaker, blinder and no less.

Copyright R.G. Crosbie


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