So What's it all About?

So, what is this thing called life? What does it all add up to? What's it all about? Is it about living, or is it about death? Is there a future for it, never mind a point?
When you're very young you're taught all sorts of things, mainly to do with nothing tangible. You are taught to believe in all things that are beyond belief; Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy. They appear to be harmless, don't they?
Slowly, religion is introduced. The virgin birth and the baby Jesus. Stories about his life and his death. None of them true, but fascinating none the less. They stick in your imagination, and in such a manner is your subconscious mind accessed, and from there a little at a time your whole mind is affected and controlled. All appears to confuse, so they tell you to have faith. Faith in what? And why faith? “You must believe in something”, they say. Why? Why not know for sure, instead of just believe?
Better to know surely? But if you question, you're a bad person. Jesus won't love you and you'l go to Hell when you die. You do not question what the priest says. You will have blind belief if you're a good person, and if you haven't got blind faith and belief, then you're on your way to Hell. You're five years old and still wet behind the ears, and they are threatening you with death and damnation that goes even beyond death, and for all eternity.
You're too young to be anything at this point, but innocent, yet they threaten you with burning in Hell if you don't do as you're told. No wonder that there are so many wet beds.
And what are you told? “Don't tell lies. It's sinful, and you will go to Hell.” What about Father Christmas then? Now who's going to Hell?
If Father Christmas turns out to be just a childish story, then what about God? I've never seen him and he never answered my prayers. So is that just another lie? Is that what religious life's about? Lies, deceit and skulduggery?
Perhaps religion is really about love instead? They tell you that it is. Now that would be nice, but people seem to want to keep killing each other over it and because of it, so where's the love? It all appears to be expediency to me,”the standard menu for all occasion sort of thing. Close your eyes, close your mind, and believe. “The Lord works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.” That covers it all and makes things as clear a mud. But don't question them, or Hell awaits.
It appears that if they cheat someone then it's not wrong; it's business. If you cheat them, then it's dishonest, and the bankers have their policies cast in stone. All's well as long as no one knows and you don't get caught.
You make a contract with a bank and they can change the goalposts whenever they like, and you're stuck with whatever they throw at you. You get told that it's the bank's ‘policy’. What about your policy? Well you're not allowed to have one, so hard cheese. All for your own good of course. Could you imagine what would happen if ordinary people had the same rights in agreements as Bankers? Could you just imagine going into a bank and asking the banker for his address, date of birth, his salary, and does he own his house? He'd throw a fit if you asked for collateral before handing over your money. Yet is seems fair to me. If he wants such information etc., before he gives you someone else's money, then why shouldn't you be entitled to the same when you give him your money?

Hold on a minute! Usury is considered a “mortal sin”. So how come the Vatican owns a bank and most bankers are Christian, and wouldn't get the job if they weren't? They have to appear in Church on Sunday, because it gives the general public ‘confidence'. The stench of hypocrisy here.

All the things that they say are either just wrong or actually sinful. Sex is wrong and sinful, yet look at what the priests do. “Suffer the little children to come onto me”, said this guy they call Jesus, that loves us all. He said that it would be better if a millstone be placed around your neck and that you be cast into the sea than harm a little child. Where are all the millstones now? Maybe they have used them all up and not told me?
More expedient lies, or perhaps they are ‘special' and it doesn't count in their case? Obviously the priests don't believe what they preach, if their behaviour is anything to go by, so why do they expect us to? Perhaps it's a matter of “Don't do as I do. Do as I say”? Then there's their power, at all costs.
Do you know that perversion, from a scientific point of view, is complete? It affects all your thinking, not just your sexual urges or preference. So what does that say about the priesthood and all the other sodomites that run our country, and therefore our lives? What does that say about us, that haven't the guts to stand up and say, “enough is enough”?
Bankers are supposed to be honest men. That's why we are supposed to be able to trust them so much. Look what they've done. Everybody's lost their pensions and now they're back on TV, advertising their “expertise in pension plans”!!! How's that for sheer neck? Not a sign of shame.

They've dumped on us from a great height, stolen our money, legally of course, and now they come back to rub it in. Guess what? People are taking out pension plans with them again. Who's mad here, them or us?
The Roman Catholic Church wants and expects its members to pay in order to cover the compensation to those abused as children. Do they really hold their membership in such contempt? Do they really consider you all to be so stupid? It appears so.

It was said today on TV that we need the “moral guidance” of the Church of Rome. Who the hell do they think that they are, offering moral guidance to anyone? To sodomise, sexually and physically abuse helpless children in their care, is the lowest, dirtiest, foulest, most vile, most immoral and evil thing any one can perform. There is nothing more immoral. Yet they still have the face to pretend to be the ultimate authority on the subject of morality. They're laughing at us, such is the level of their power over the populace, and their confidence in their clever brainwashing, mind bending tactics.
So what's this thing called life all about? Abuse? Cheating? Stealing? Perversion? Murder? What? All that appears to be good about this existence seems contaminated by religious and political parasites. All aspects of our lives are conducted and controlled by hypocrites, sodomites and every evil thing that the religious and political leaders can come up with.
In fairness though, the politicians are all controlled by the independent bankers and the Church. If the independent bankers don't like a politician, he won't get elected, and if he inadvertently makes it into government, he or she won't be there for long. The unseen kings who manipulate and bully to get what they want usually do make it. And what do they want? Why, everything of course. Hitler is dead, but there are plenty more like him to fill his boots.
Where does that leave you and me? It leaves us between a rock and a hard place, and soon they will take away your rock, or start to rent it to you, if you don't look out! They are about to take away all cash and replace it with plastic cards. Digital money is all you will have, and they will have full control over that for obvious reasons. If you argue¾ you bad evil person¾ then your card will be stopped. You won't be able to buy food, or anything. The Church will own your mind, and probably your arse, as they seem to like them; especially little boy's arses.
Politicians will have full control over all your actions by use of secret police and the army; and the bankers will own everything else. This will include seeds to grow your food under licence of conglomerates, who have copyright on the cellular structure of modified food plants and, thus allowing them to have complete control over all your food. Think about it.
You will even be denied medical treatments and a house to live in. You will have nothing; and so far you don't know or realize what the type of nothing really is. You won't even be able to own your own thoughts, as free speech will be fatal, because it will be illegal.
So what's it all about then? More to the point, what's it going to be about? Slavery or serfdom? Take your pick.

Bob Crosbie

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