Birth – Introducing the Newborn

Bring the child before the community for introduction, so that they may be known, and that all followers be aware of their individual and collective acceptance of responsibility towards this new member of the wider family of The Way.

All members, wherever they may be in the world, and regardless of any other thing, are held to be both father and mother to every child born within The Way, and of any who enter The Way. They must protect them and, if and whenever necessary, they must clothe them, house them with the same love, affection, and with the same sacrifice that they would for their own children. They must keep watch for their well-being at all times.

Any fear of deprivation, abuse, or even the slightest problem that any such child may have, is their responsibility, and they must view it as such, and act on the child’s behalf, ensuring their safety, health, happiness, education and well-being, without consideration of costs or effort required in such pursuit. Any person who does not live up to this to the letter, with all reason, common sense and logic, is not of The Way, and shall be abandoned.

A ceremony shall be held as soon as is practical, and all members within the region are expected to attend. Should it not be possible to attend at that particular time, they shall however attend as soon as possible.

Take this matter more seriously and conscientiously than any other.

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