2009 Winter Solstice message to the followers of The Way

Once again we stand at the threshold of a new year. Most of you will know what I'm up to. I'm told that I'm mad, but I already know that, so I won't argue the point. It may appear mad, but it is necessary if any of us are to survive the future into a further more secure future. Whatever future we may have, we will not see if nothing is done. Remember that the wages for doing nothing is nothing. So look to your reasons, or lack of actual reason for doing nothing. Beware of excuse which is by definition a lie. Holding on to what you believe that you have, won't help you. You own nothing in reality; you only have a lend of it.
Without life, what will you or your children have? How will you feel when you see them suffer the coming world problems and you know that you were offered and had an opportunity, yet stuck your head in the sand and did nothing?
I am not mad. I even have proof that I'm not. I arranged it deliberately to allay the accusation against me. Apparently my I.Q is still quite high. My health is rubbish, but that doesn't mean that what I have to say is wrong. It just means that the risk to me and mine is greater.
Commitment, as well as the intelligence slightly north of that of a carpet slipper, is needed in order to realise that what I have been saying to everyone for years is happening right before your eyes, and will go on getting worse. Climate change cannot be reversed, as they would like you to “Believe”. There is no magic switch. People are already starving and starvation can and will only gather momentum and cannot, by any stretch of imagination, improve.
So, again I ask those of you still sitting on your hands, to think. Here my responsibility to you all ends. The choice is yours. If your ability to reason has not been completely neutered through belief in the unbelievable, you have a chance. If not, you are lost. The clock is ticking, and you will not be asked again. Time to dither about and hope it will all go away, you do not have. To those who hear me, and always have, I wish you all a Happy New Year and long future for you and yours; and let's get it done. To those who keep on as usual, may I offer my sympathy in advance; though not too far in advance. People make the wrong choices every day, but this one is a fatal one.

The Son of the Widow

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