Believe, Believe

The Hallowed brotherhood, devout, sincere,
From mean self interest stand well clear.
All hope of rewards they justly scorn,
Prompted to persuade, to teach, to warn.

Their wisdom pure, handed down from those above,
Their value assured by their zeal and love.
As meek as Moses with High Caul,
With truth they teach, they give their all.

They stand stalwart from the world’s contaminating touch,
Unpolluted by belief’s foul, unreasoning crutch.
The hallowed few against the might of power and wealth,
To bring man’s collective mind back, to reasoned health.

So many lives, so much painful bloodied death,
Children burned, raped and choked of breath.
The Hallowed Brethren gave their all, and soon the fray must leave,
And men still shout with eyes and minds locked tight,
“Believe! Believe! Believe!”

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