Do you Ever….?

Do you ever feel helpless when fighting against unfair treatment from banks, insurance companies and the like, who take advantage of you, their customer? Do you ever feel that you would like to be able to make a difference when you see children being abused through poverty, which is politically generated, and therefore politically curable?

Do you perhaps feel that your vote, your voice, or you personally, can't really make a difference?

Do you feel controlled? Are you perhaps afraid when you go out, or even in your own home, feel that the police aren't doing anything in reality?

Are you fed up with politicians having a go at each other, just to remove the opposition from their seats, only to later take over and do exactly the same stupid things, and maybe not even as well?

If you feel that even some of these things are true, then now is your time to join up with others of like mind, and make a real difference.

It does require a certain ability to look about you, and see what you want to actually do something about. Do yourself a favour, and take a look at The Way. We in The Way, though not religious, follow a sincere and practical philosophy, and have been around a long time and, like most people, we are all more than a little worried about the future, especially as nothing sensible or practical seems to be getting done about it.

We have been warning governments and politicians all over the world for years about the currently existing and upcoming problems, but nobody wants to know. Most people in power still don't want to know. You, the ordinary people, will of course do all the dying when the oil and the food runs out; and the powers that be have to admit that there is no alternative, or alternatives, that will come even close to taking the place of oil.

There are no membership contracts to sign, but if you want to subscribe to the Order, so as to keep in touch with what is going on, and make a contribution. If you later find that you don't like us or what we say, then you can just let us know, and you won't hear from us again.

As an individual you are nothing, but as part of a group, even a small group, you have some power. You have power in your wallet and in your vote, but as a group not only your power, but your possibilities and strength will increase, giving you more than a fighting chance.

Suppose you have a company treating you badly. Where can you go? Suppose you can go to your friendly neighborhood politician and he knows that if he doesn't help you, he will lose not only your vote, but also the votes of the rest of your group. He will be well aware that his party will lose votes all aver the country from all those in The Way, because of his failure to do what he is supposed to do anyway. Not only that, but he will also be made aware that his superiors will also be informed, and that action will be expected, to say the least.

If you can't think of something to campaign for, then just spread the word to your friends and bring them to The Way, so that their numbers and their efforts, along with yours, can make a difference. Become active now, because there really isn't time to waste. Global Warming is upon us, with all its repercussions.

You and your friends might not believe it, but this world doesn't just belong to the banks. They might think so, and even act as if it does, but it doesn't,”and they depend on you. So does every government official, every supermarket chain, every fat-cat, airlines, and so on,”so make your views count for something purposeful! The list is endless. Companies can be boycotted, and letters can be written and published in The Daily Gripe, where it can do some good.

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