Build your life by the way of The Way….

 From light to darkness, and darkness to light


Build your life by the way of The Way, and offer true salvation to all who pass by.

Build you not on the soft ground, but upon the solid rock that is The Way.

Build not on the foolishness of the stagnant pond of ignorance, but on the banks of the river of the pure knowledge.
Build you not near the pitfalls of life, but build you instead near the safe place.
Wherever you build, build you by the way of The Way; and all ways, like a bright beacon, will lead you home.

Offer to all who pass your way kindness; and should they view your kindness to have evil intent, then pass them by, for they know better the workings of the evil mind, and so do such judge. The evil thinker thinks evil, and knows not better.

Beware the ignorant, for it is his choice to ignore. Such is his way, which is not The Way, but born of a different and poor way. He shall be lost, flounder, and drown in the bog of his own stupidity. There will always be those who cannot have their eyes opened, and those who will not have their eyes opened: both are born blind with inner blindness. Few want to see, for blindness is a comfort to them; and they lack the courage to open their eyes and see the world about them.

2015 © Bob Crosbie

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