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Where are you going to?

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The following information is provided as further explanation of the essential nature of the Way philosophy. Some confuse or tend to identify it with some form of religion, as so many expect a moral or ethical outlook to require some form of belief. For a correct sense of morality to prevail, its foundations must be based on reason and truthful fact combined with logic. Belief can play no part in determining truths, as beliefs are selective ideas that are formed and driven by lack of evidence. Although the words believe and belief are commonly used to indicate a sense of knowing, this is not a correct understanding of their true meanings.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the meaning of the word believe as follows:

Definition of believe in English:

VERB [WITH OBJECT] Accept that (something) is true, especially without proof: Example: The superintendent believed Lancaster's story.


Acceptance of an assumption based on a belief is, therefore, no assurance of the factual reality or state of the object or situation upon which opinion is held or expressed. If belief were to be equated with truth, then all opinions, regardless of content, would automatically be valid and factual, and it would be impossible to ever be incorrect in whatever might be posited as being fact. There would be no such thing as error, as what is imagined to be true would automatically be fact. However, we know that errors are made and can only occur when judgements are made in the absence of information or/and when poor reasoning (usually due to lack of evidence) takes place. Therefore, the more belief applied in arriving at a conclusion, the further one moves away from the truthful reality of the subject in hand. The more one uses reason coupled with evidence or known fact, the closer they will arrive to the correct conclusion. Belief and knowledge, therefore, are two opposing directions one may take in a crossroads where choices are to be made. Which do and should you choose when making decisions? Then ask yourself why you might have chosen to make such a choice.

On that basis, the following may help visitors to this website to gain some insight into the outlook of those who follow the Way philosophy, which is based on truth, knowledge, logic and reason.

The Way is not a religion, nor is it religious. It is in fact is opposed to all forms of belief. How often do you hear yourself say, “I don't believe that”? Have you ever wondered why you put so much trust in what you have been taught to believe. You have been taught from the cradle to believe that blind faith has great value. It does have great value, but to whom? To you, or to those who teach it to you? And why do they teach it to you?

Should you go to a hypnotherapist for psychological reasons, you go every seven days. Why? It's a brainwashing process; and it needs to be reinforced every seven days, or the subconscious reverts, and leaves the changes behind. So, if you are religious, you will tend go to church every seven days. Your hypnotherapist will ask you to close your eyes, like praying. He will say something like, “Close your eyes and concentrate. Listen to the sound of my voice”, just like going to church, or at morning prayers in school. Just like saying grace before meals, bedtime prayers, and so on.

All sorts of reasons are given for the necessity for this, but what is the real reason? The truth is that it's for psychological and behavioural training: just like training a dog or a monkey. To your controllers, or masters, you are just that: brainwashed entities, formed and managed for dubious ends.

Religion was, and still is, designed solely to capture your mind. To implant ideas and beliefs, is to control all that you are and prevent you from being what you could be naturally. They play on your greatest fear: death. It's done to keep you afraid of things you don't understand and to make sure that you never will understand.

To know death is like knowing evil. You know you cannot avoid death, so this fear is the greatest, as compared to evil. To know of evil, helps you avoid it. You can see it coming, and therefore sidestep it. Yet you still embrace belief in things beyond belief: which is evil, as it causes you and others harm.

You learn to hate that which is evil. To hate others because they don't believe what you believe. To consider yourself better than others because you believe in things that they don't believe in. You believe that if you go to church on Sunday and do as the priests tell you, that you will be a good person and assure yourself a seat in some unseen place called Heaven.

To do good for reward is to do nothing that is good, because it's only done for your selfish benefit. Jesus said that or something close to it, not me. Do you know who this Jesus was in his reality, or do you just accept what your told he was, and only believe it? Ask yourself what you know for sure and what you only believe.

The Way teaches only what it knows for sure. So why do you not embrace fact instead of follow blind belief? It's easier to follow the flock; but at least think about it.

You are made afraid of death; and so, afraid of most things in life. You are so afraid you might transgress, and affect your imagined after life, which doesn't exist in reality. Science and good reason will tell you this. You become afraid to lose or give up what you only believe you have, in case what you might get in its place will be more frightening, or might have a detrimental effect on what you believe might be waiting for you after death. Think about that word believe and ask yourself, “What is it?” and, “What's it really worth?” What does it do for your life and what does it prevent? What effect does it have on our various societies and on the human race, en masse?

All things in life die, so that life can go on. So there's a reason and a point to death. And so it is reasonable to accept that in life, we and everything else, are on a journey towards death. It's not avoidable. It can be prolonged, but that's it.

What lies beyond the grave is unknown, and so it holds the greatest fear. Or is what lies beyond death unknown? You can be made to believe that retribution for wrongs committed awaits you, with punishments that are made more terrible by and through your imagination.

Old Nick, Satan, the Devil, or whatever name you choose to call it, who, incidentally is a Christian god, is one such example. Burning is a fearful thing. Religion teaches from a very young age of the horrors to come, and you’re all sinners. Even the youngest are sinners. How can this be? It invokes a great fear of death: something that is both natural, necessary and inevitable.

What about the promised ‘afterlife’? Due to religious teachings your life is spent, and its joys wasted, in a mindless perpetuation for the only imagined afterlife. This, in all reason, is purely unfounded superstition, purely designed to create fear. No wonder so many children wet the bed. All religions teach superstition, as superstition and fear are both root and branch of all religions.

It is said that should a butterfly flap it wings in one part of the world, the effect of every beat of its wings reverberates throughout the whole world. Minuscule such an effect may well be, and of little importance, until you think about it. Its size in the great scheme of things by no way takes away its effect. In this way everything you do, also affects the world. Be it good or bad, your every though, by being transformed into action, has consequences. For this very reason, you have to watch what and how you think.

You may consider that your actions or inactions are harmless, but are they? Your thoughts create your actions, and they too reverberate to the furthest reaches. To show responsibility, you need rules to follow, and as a guidance. We in The Way are political, by definition of the word political. We follow natural laws more than politically generated statutes. We show interest in the welfare of all men, and therefore we are political.

Present action cannot affect the past. All sorts of reasons are given for the necessity for this, but what is the real reason? Actions of greed, avarice, lust, hate, all have a negative effect, both now and in the future. So how can a few mumbled words and feeling sorry for wrongs done, make any difference to harm previously done? How can anyone claim to be able to forgive you for wrongs that have harmed others? Actions affect all things. Actions such as love, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness, will have an opposite effect to harmful, thought-generated actions. Unfortunately, actions performed in the now cannot effect the past, only the future. So consider the now and the future, as the now will have an effect on the future. Consider the past and learn from it. Learning what not to do is just as important as learning what to do. What you only believe to be the right path may well not be. You may not have even considered this small fact. What you only believe can't be true, because once again belief can only exist in the absence of fact. Beware what you believe; and don't look at things solely by judging by what you are comfortable to believe. Instead, look for facts. Look for things to know for sure. You either know for sure; or, if you choose beliefs, then you don't know anything at all.

So we must move forward, as we cannot go back to alter anything. Actions made, due to the interference through the actions of our political leaders, will have an effect on all our futures, and the future of the very earth that we live on also. Therefore we must all watch what we do and how and why we do it; and take back control of our lives from the powerful, be they religious, political or financial.

Bankers encourage debt. Debt is slavery. Religions teach belief. As I have said previously, belief can only exist in the absence of fact. Fact is truth, as truth is fact, and belief has nothing to do with either of them. Fact is often cold and unyielding and cannot be changed; unlike belief, which is changeable. It is true to say that fact sustains. Belief overrides reason, and your ability to reason. That's why they all want you to believe. Your religious leaders want you to follow blind belief. Why blind? Ask yourself why? Politicians want you to believe also. Bankers want you in debt, and you may well believe it great to have a mortgage. Some people even brag about it, but it's debt. They all pee in the same pot; and you Mr and Mrs Average Citizen, get peed on.

There are a limited number of elements in the Universe. Nothing can come in and nothing can leave. So the elements that you are made of have been around a long time. Each part of you is billions of years old. The fact is that you don't die as such. It is not the end, but a different form of existence. In what form we don't know, but when you're dead, you will be exactly the same as you were before you were born: just as aware, and just as unaware.

Do you remember anything from the time before you were born? I think not, so how bad can it be? You pass on your genetic information to your children, and they to theirs, and so on. You live on, as we commonly say, in the blood. The blood that you pass to your children is your only real and tangible everlasting life. This is a very good reason to take care of your children, because they are you. They carry your genetic information. So something of you will still be going around, alive and well. Your body returns to its elements, from whence it came. You are just recycled. In other words your elements go back into the soil and replace elements used; just as cells are worn out and replaced by new ones daily. So think about what I have said. Think with reason, with logic, and with factual knowledge to guide you. Believe nothing. Accept only knowledge, reason, logic and provable fact. Follow The Way.

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