Way thought for the day 9th September – Belief – what is it?

Belief ,“ what is it?

Many people admit to having difficulty understanding what exactly belief is. So, what is it? Have you ever thought about it? Do you believe that belief matters, or do you believe that it doesn't?

Do you believe in a god or gods?

Do you believe that the pope is in constant contact with God, as he claims?

Do you believe in Islam?

Do believe in the Koran?

Do you believe that you will go to Heaven when you die?

Do you believe in Hell and the Devil?

Do you believe that there is a Heaven, or do you believe that there isn't?

Do you believe that you must kill all non-believers?

Do you believe that God loves you and holds you dear in his affections?

Do you believe that God looks over you, and protects you?

Do you believe that Jesus saves?

What do you believe that he saves you from, or for?

Do you believe that Roman Catholicism is better than any other religion?

Do you believe that it is the one and only true religion?

Do you believe that Anglican Catholicism has it right, as opposed to all other religions?

Do you believe that your particular religion is the true one, with the ear of God?

Do you believe that devil worshipers have it right?

Do you believe that Islam is the only true religion?

Do you believe that you should kill all infidels to make God/Allah happy?

Do you believe that the writings of the Holy Bible are true?

Do you believe that the writings of the Koran are true?

Do you believe in Buddhism?

Do you believe in Hinduism?

Do you believe in Capitalism?

Do you believe in Communism?

Do you believe that your politicians are all honest upright human beings?

Do you believe that only some of them are?

Do you believe that Government works for you, with your best interests at heart?

Do you believe in fairies?

What do you believe, and what is more important, when you consider it, what do you know in fact, meaning for certain, or is it something that you only believe in?

Fact & Belief

Do you know the difference between fact and belief?

Belief is to hope that something is true.

To understand fact is to know for sure what is actually true.

Have you seen any evidence to uphold what you believe?

Do you believe that you have heard God speaking to you?

Do you believe that you are sane?

What do you know about belief; and why we are taught to believe all sorts of impossible things from a very young age? Or haven't you noticed? Maybe you've never thought about it?

Why not?

Do you in fact know anything about belief? Perhaps you believe that you must believe something in order to survive, physically, or spiritually?


Because that's what you have been taught?

More of the Same ,“ why?


Did you ever consider that all religious leaders teach more or less the same thing; and always have? Why?

Have you noticed that they all contradict each other? “My faith is the only true faith” etc.

Again, why?

For instance, the most ancient of religions taught that the priest was in touch with someone or something that would intercede for their members; some god or other, be it a tree or a rock. It's an old, old story. The problem is, it's just a story.

Just a short time ago (in 2012) a ‘healing rock' was unveiled at a ecumenical congress held here in Ireland. And guess what? People went to it to be healed. Why? Because they believed what their priests told them. It was just a rock.

Harmless or Not?

Do you think that to believe in the unbelievable is madness, or do you think it's harmless?

What makes you think that the leaders of all our nations over all the world would go to so much trouble to get people to believe, if there wasn't anything in it for them? Think about it.

Belief is designed to override reason. People who go to a ‘healing stone' that has just been prayed over by priests, and supposedly turned into a miracle stone, just like that, have overridden reason.

Now, what use can there be in such a thing? None, to you. Think about it. Your reason is overridden, and belief in that which is beyond belief is reinforced. Now they own your mind; and can manipulate it anytime, and for any purpose they think fit.

The stone won't heal you, but it can train your mind to override reason at the whim of the rulers, the Unholy Trinity of priest, banker and politician; and that's useful, but only to those who wish to own your mind, body and soul. They can have complete control of you, and it's not for your benefit.

People who have sacrificed animals, and even human beings, to some god or other, have overridden reason.

Muslims will say that Christians or anyone who doesn't believe in Islam has overridden reason

Christians will say the same about Muslims and everybody else.

Muslims are mad because the blow themselves up, thinking that they will go straight to Paradise.

Christians have done similar things; and for the same unreasonable beliefs.

You might well say that it's ‘different’. Why? The results are the same. People die. Some people get richer, so how can it be ‘different’?

How and Why?


Perhaps you believe that your priest is in contact with your god, but what, and more importantly, who, and for what reason, do they teach you to believe this?

How do they do it?

Why do they do it?

Is it because you have been taught to accept whatever they say since early childhood, without question, so that they have such power over you?

Are you brainwashed?

Why do they want you to believe in anything – Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy, ghosts, hobgoblins, men from Mars, witches? Why?

What Weakness?

What weakness is there in human thinking, that makes us want to believe?

Belief is nice because it overrides your reality, which may not be all that nice.

Do you know what your reality really is?

Do you believe that you are a free-minded human being?

Do you believe that you are free at all?

America claims to be the land of the free. Is it? It depends on what you call free. Free to starve if you lose your job, perhaps? Such is caring America.

Does any other such freedom come to mind, and is it under threat? Many other countries in the world gives you these same freedoms, more or less. So why believe that America is the greatest country in the world, when the opposite is obvious?



The Christian churches want you to believe that Father Christmas is their invention, with them being so charitable. So why are people starving and abused because they're down on their luck? The Lord works in mysterious way his wonders to perform. Really? Tell that to the starving.

Do you really believe that? Do you believe that your religious leaders are charitable; and if so, why do they hoard all those riches?

All religions are always collecting money for this charity or that charity. What do you believe they do with it? Do they give it all to charity, or keep it? Who checks up on them, or better still, who would dare?

An Emotional Thing


Belief is an emotional thing; and is therefore driven by the subconscious mind, from where all emotions abide.

Did you know that your strongest emotion is self preservation?

Do you know that self preservation is fear based and driven?

The trouble is that the subconscious mind has no real ability to reason. If it had, it couldn't act quickly enough in the business of keeping you alive; and you would die. So it reacts, not acts, with knee-jerk reaction, without thought. It causes you to act the same way – without reason.

It gets an idea and accepts it as true, especially before the ages of eleven to thirteen, when the Critical Factor develops in the young mind. This acts as a filter between the conscious reason and the subconscious unreason. It's the part of the conscious mind that decides what is real and what isn't.

You are a dirty little boy”, if said often enough by a peer or person in authority, will be accepted by the subconscious mind as fact. It isn't fact, but the boy will grow up feeling that he is a dirty little boy all his life. This emotional feeling will affect his way of thinking, and consequently his behaviour, all his life.

You are a sinner!” How often do you hear that phrase?

Or “God is watching you!”. What? Even when I’m on the toilet?

“God is everywhere – judging you”. Do you believe that, really?

Over your Shoulder

When you were a kid in school, do you recall writing and doing very nicely, until the teacher looked over your shoulder? It all then went to pot ,“ ‘God’, or his equivalent, is watching you. So guess what effect that has on your mind, that thing that you think and are taught to believe that you’re in control of?

Every hour of every day your childish mind has accepted that it is being watched; and you’re a sinner, a wrongdoer. Hell and damnation loom, whatever the form.

You are taught to feel inadequate. Real or not; you’re inadequate, because you’re supposed to feel that way. It makes you easier to control. No wonder there are so many wet beds.

Hypnosis and Semantics ,“ the path to the mind


Hypnosis bypasses reason with the use of semantics. Again, the subconscious has little to no reason and acts according to what offered to it, with the clever use of words. It’s similar to what they do in Court, by using language that you can't understand, so that they own your thingamy.

So guess why your children have to go to school at such young age? Ask any Jesuit Priest. Their mantra is, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man”. Who is in control of your mind now? You, or someone else? No matter what religion you belong to, this is how you are managed. You’re brainwashed into submission in all matters. Kill the infidel; kill a few rag heads – it’s all the same. It's all unreasonable and it's all evil. It’s evil, because the intent behind it, is evil.

You can so easily be destroyed by what your taught to ‘believe', that reason doesn't come into it. People die. Fortunes are made, but not for you – you inadequate low-life. Know your place.

‘Education’ ,“ really?


Even in school there is a set curriculum. It is designed to brain train the child, so that it will be of use to society when it is of age to work, with ‘Society’ meaning the Unholy Trinity. Why? Because they are all bankers, that's why. From the Vatican to Rothschilds to the Windsors; and many more wonderful people like them. The Bilderberg group, the Pilgrim Society, with the Queen of England at its head. She's a banker. Did you know that?

Did you know that they control the State: hence the unholy trinity of State, church and banker, working hand in glove to keep you bound like slaves, for their benefit?



Do you believe that the Queen of England loves her subjects; and if so why does she refer to them a ‘subjects’? It’s because they are ‘subject’ to her will, that's why.

Do you believe that the banker is your friend?

They form the curriculum by exerting influence on policy makers, those who make the rules for society; knowing that a child is damaged if it is removed from its mother before the Critical Factor is in place. They educate you so that you will have ‘a better life’. Do you believe that?

That's what some will deem to tell, but it's not true. It is done so that the child will learn to do as it is told and make the Unholy Trinity, their slave masters, rich with its efforts, whilst getting very little for him or her self.

It is trained into a sense of inadequacy that will help to control the child and the resulting adult, all its life. Fear of all sorts of things is implanted. Fear of not gaining the approval of its so-called peers; and happy if, or when, it does.

Not Being ‘a Good Person’


Then there is the instilled fear of not being a good person, and going to Hell after they die.

Fear of not going to Heaven.

Fear of being caught, if it should rebel or ask too many questions.

Fear of prison.

Fear of being fined.

Fear of the police, the government officials; the Government itself; its priests, with their magic that can make a difference between Hell an Heaven.

Fear of not believing.

Fear of not being wanted.

Fear that it might rain and fear that it might not.

Fear instilled by government propaganda; and governments do it a lot.

It's all to do with control through fear.



Fear is subconscious emotion, without reason. It controls you better than anything possibly can. They use it against you.

Do you believe that this situation cannot be changed?

Do you think that it shouldn't be changed, because you have a good job and are supposedly better off than your neighbour?

You can get a lot of pleasure looking down on the less fortunate. it's a Christian thing, and a Muslim thing: love thy neighbour, and all that rubbish; but you can call him a bum, or shun him if he has less than you materially. Is it a matter of preach, but don't practice? Do you believe that this is right? Why?

Did you Think?


As I have written this, I have asked you to think. Did you?

By some of chance that you did, what conclusions have you arrived at?

This man's crazy, perhaps evil”? Or. “I'd like to get my hands of that so and so!” How very righteous of you. Maybe you thought, “Kill him, so that I can go on feeling comfortable and not have to face my realities”?

Maybe you’re possibly the one who believes in healing stones taken from the nearest field and newly erected?

Maybe you’re the one who believes in virgin births, the dead rising; and guys going up to Heaven, riding on a cloud?

So, who's crazy?

Do you believe that I'm evil, or perhaps insane?

Maybe you just don't know how to think? After all, you’re religious, and that requires insanity in the first place.

I invite you to look up the definition of insanity.

Take care, and think.

© R.G.Crosbie


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