Way thought for the day 3rd May 2012 – In the Beginning

In the beginning there was no thing. All was but void. There was darkness all about, and eternal emptiness. There was a great noise within the Void, and the first light was there. There was no man or beast to see that first great light, and no ears to hear the great noises that were made. The earth was made out of that turmoil, and she entered her existence, as do all things, with much noise. Dust that was there in the darkness, was brought together with a great force and great heat. And so was the earth made.

Also was made in the same way the sun, the moon and the stars. So was the universe formed as one universe. There was great heat, and as the heat was cooled, there came water upon the face of the new earth. From the waters came life. And the earth was made to turn about the sun, and so was day and night divided by the turning of it.

The light gave force to the living things so that they grew. And one thing grew from another; and yet did more things and beings form one from the other. And some things died and gave life to other things in that dying, as it was then and shall always be. The sun drew up the waters of the great seas, and let them down again as rain: and the rains watered the living things so that they coludest live. And it was good.

From the Hallowed Book of Man

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