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With a library of over 3,000 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 317 practice exercises, we’re on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

Samples include:

Algebra: Introduction to Algebra

  1. The Beauty of Algebra
  2. Origins of Algebra

Art History: – 400 C.E. Ancient Cultures

  1. Sculpture from the Parthenon’s East Pediment
  2. Head of Augustus
  3. Law Code Stele of King Hammurabi
  4. Victory Stele of Naram-Sin
  5. Colosseum
  6. Great Lyre from the “King’s Grave” at Ur
  7. Seated Scribe
  8. Arch of Titus
  9. After Praxiteles, Venus (Roman Copy)

Art History: 1500-1600 The Reformation

  1. Parmigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck
  2. Raphael, Madonna of the Goldfinch
  3. Michelangelo’s PietÃ
  4. Dürer’s Four Apostles
  5. Raphael’s La belle jardinière
  6. Pontormo’s Entombment
  7. Leonardo, Adoration of the Magi
  8. Toward The High Renaissance
  9. Leonardo’s Virgin of the Rocks
  10. Leonardo da Vinci
  11. Parmigianino’s Self-Portrait
  12. Dürer’s Prints


Banking and Money

Videos on how banks work and how money is created.

  1. Banking 1
  2. Banking 2: A bank’s income statement
  3. Banking 3: Fractional Reserve Banking
  4. Banking 4: Multiplier effect and the money supply
  5. Banking 5: Introduction to Bank Notes
  6. Banking 6: Bank Notes and Checks
  7. Banking 7: Giving out loans without giving out gold
  8. Banking 8: Reserve Ratios
  9. Banking 9: More on Reserve Ratios (Bad sound)
  10. Banking 10: Introduction to leverage (bad sound)
  11. Banking 11: A reserve bank
  12. Banking 12: Treasuries (government debt)
  13. Banking 13: Open Market Operations
  14. Banking 14: Fed Funds Rate
  15. Banking 15: More on the Fed Funds Rate
  16. Banking 16: Why target rates vs. money supply
  17. Banking 17: What happened to the gold?
  18. Banking 18: Big Picture Discussion
  19. The Discount Rate
  20. Repurchase Agreements (Repo transactions)
  21. Federal Reserve Balance Sheet
  22. Fractional Reserve Banking Commentary 1
  23. FRB Commentary 2: Deposit Insurance
  24. FRB Commentary 3: Big Picture
  25. LIBOR


Covers topics seen in a first year college or high school biology course.

  1. Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection
  2. Ape Clarification
  3. Intelligent Design and Evolution
  4. Evolution Clarification
  5. Natural Selection and the Owl Butterfly
  6. DNA
  7. Variation in a Species
  8. Chromosomes, Chromatids, Chromatin, etc.
  9. Mitosis, Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
  10. Phases of Mitosis
  11. Phases of Meiosis
  12. Embryonic Stem Cells
  13. Cancer
  14. Introduction to Heredity
  15. Punnett Square Fun
  16. Hardy-Weinberg Principle
  17. Sex-Linked Traits
  18. Bacteria
  19. Viruses
  20. ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate
  21. Introduction to Cellular Respiration

Brain Teasers

And many more…..

Way thought for the day, 2nd April, 2012

Judas said, “Tell us Lord, what was there before the heavens and the earth existed?”

The Lord said, “First there was the drawing together of the dust of the Universe. Then there was darkness and water; and the Spirit of Life came upon water. And I say to you, ‘What you seek after,”even that which you inquire after,”the same is within you. And the power and the mystery of the spirit,”for, from evil and wickedness shall come evil and wickedness of mind,”I bid you behold, for such shall destroy you.”

Way thought for the day, 1st April, 2012

And Thomas said, “Lord, tell us where the spirit of man is established, and where the true mind exists.”

The Lord said, “The fire of the spirit came into existence with the first man; so came they together. On this account the spirit came into existence, and the true mind came into existence within them, both man and spirit. If someone sets his mind up high, then he will be exalted, for his spirit is his deeper mind.”

For those with ears to hear.

From the Hallowed Book of Man (Chapter: Teachings of the Sixth High Lord)