Way thought for the day 12th April 2012 – Suffer not the fool…

Suffer not the fool, as he is more dangerous than evil. Suffer not the ignorant, for he is not want to learn wisdom. Practice humility and goodness to all, and to all things. Love justice. Show kindness and love and fairness in all matters. Show honesty in your dealings. If the goat be poor, say that she is poor, and pass not your misfortune to another. Walk not in the stubbornness of your heart, lest you stray from The Way.

Extract from the Covenant

From the Hallowed Book of Man

Way thought for the day, 7th April, 2012 –

“Gifts are great, the founding of viharas is meritorious, mediations and religious exercises pacify the heart, but comprehension of the truth leads to nirvana. Greater than all is loving kindness. As the light of the moon is many times stronger the light of all the stars, so loving kindness is many times more efficacious in liberating the heart than all other religious accomplishments taken together.

“This state of mind is the most important to the self, and to the world; the method of his thinking, paramount to his decisions. Let a man remain steadfast in The Way while he is awake, whether he is standing, walking, sitting, or lying down.”


From The Hallowed Book of Man

(Chapter: The Spotless Eye of Truth)

Vihara: a refuge, dwelling place

Nirvana: the highest state of enlightenment

Way thought for the day, 6th April, 2012 – Wisdom is good…


Wisdom is good, but there is profit to those who see only the sun rise and know not of it or its passing. Wisdom is a defense, as is a sword: it cleaves the darkness and brings forth light as the sword brings forth blood. The quality of wisdom gives life to those who have it, and its lack of good quality is like an old boat that leaks, and brings about sinking.


Way thought for the day, 5th April, 2012 – Barter not reason….

Know you that the Force of all the Earth, in which men have little understanding or knowledge of, is all that there is for man to cast himself afloat upon, that he may be saved. Call not this force god, nor any name until the knowledge of what it is, is complete. Then, and only then, when knowledge is assured, shall you know anything enough to call it by a name. Let not names distract you from searching and knowing. Barter not reason for belief, nor for belief that is unbelievable.

From the Hallowed Book of Man

Way thought for the day, 4th April, 2012

“I stand at the door, and I knock.

“Stand you fearless at the door, and knock boldly. He who shall hear you shall open it unto you; and you will go into him, and he shall follow you to his salvation. Grant him to sit by your side, and share the glory of the throne of the New Beginning. Let him serve you and all mankind, each to the best of his way; and gain reason, as commanded.”

The Saviour said, “The lamp of the body is the mind. As long as the things inside you are set in order,”that is, within reason and truth,”your bodies are luminous. As long as your hearts are dark, the luminosity you anticipate shall not show itself.”

“There are ways from light into darkness and from darkness into light. There are ways, also, from the gloom into deeper darkness, and from the dawn into brighter light. The wise man will use the light he has to receive more light. He will constantly advance in the knowledge of certain truth. Exhibit true superiority by virtuous conduct and the exercise of reason; meditate deeply on the vanity of monetary possessions, and understand the fickleness of life.

For those with ears to hear.

From the Hallowed Book of Man

Way thought for the day, 3rd April, 2012

What is beneath the Rose?


Mary said, “I want to understand all things just as they are!”

The Lord said, “He who will seek out life for his life’s sake will understand the value of life, for this is their true wealth; for the wealth of this Cosmos is life, and its gold and its silver are misleading.”

If we don’t speak the language of slaves, we cannot remain enslaved – something to think about

If we don’t speak the language of slaves, we cannot remain enslaved.

What exactly is slavery?

,” noun
1. the state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp in being forced into work
3. the condition of being subject to some influence or habit
4. work done in harsh conditions for low pay