Way thought for the day, 7th April, 2012 –

“Gifts are great, the founding of viharas is meritorious, mediations and religious exercises pacify the heart, but comprehension of the truth leads to nirvana. Greater than all is loving kindness. As the light of the moon is many times stronger the light of all the stars, so loving kindness is many times more efficacious in liberating the heart than all other religious accomplishments taken together.

“This state of mind is the most important to the self, and to the world; the method of his thinking, paramount to his decisions. Let a man remain steadfast in The Way while he is awake, whether he is standing, walking, sitting, or lying down.”


From The Hallowed Book of Man

(Chapter: The Spotless Eye of Truth)

Vihara: a refuge, dwelling place

Nirvana: the highest state of enlightenment

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