Way thought for the day 27th March, 2012 – He who recognizes the existence of suffering

And the Buddha, the fifth to come in the Hallowed Purpose, said: “He who recognizes the existence of suffering, its cause, its remedy, and its cessation has fathomed the four noble truths. He will walk in the right path. Right views will be the torch to light The Way, along which he shall follow to his destiny. Right aspirations will be his guide. Right speech will be his dwelling-place on the road. His gait will be straight, for it is correct behaviour. His refreshments will be the right way of earning his livelihood. Right efforts will be his steps; right thoughts his breath; and right contemplation will give him the peace that follows in his footprints.”

From the Hallowed Book of Man

From the Hallowed Book of Man (Chapter: Seven Times Seven Days)

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