Way thought for the day 7th January 2012

There is an old tale about a man who, while out in the forest, met a old man. The old man was considered to be a very wise magician. They talked about right and wrong, Heaven and Hell, and so the old man asked him if he would like to visit these places while he was still alive. He was all for it; and so the magician firstly took him down to Hell, so that he could look around.

Upon arrival he saw before him a long table loaded with food. The people sitting at the table were starving. They were screaming in agony. The cause of this suffering was because they had very long handled spoons. The spoons were so long that they couldn't reach their mouths. Their punishment was their frustration, not just the hunger.

The magician then took him to Paradise. Again there was a long table loaded with food. They had the same long spoons and yet they were well fed and happy and contented. He asked the magician why this was. Surely they couldn't reach their mouths either? Yet they were happy, well fed and contented.

The magician looked at the man and said to him, “These are good men and women. They do not practice greed, or envy. They know that they can’t live without giving support to their neighbour; and so they follow The Way, and feed each other”.

Let this be a lesson to all who follow The Way. Feed each other and you will survive. Don't, and you will starve.

Starvation of the mind, which is ignorance, causes a destructive weakness. This base weakness lends itself in assistance to the physical destruction of the body. This is because the mind controls all; and so the mind feeds the body. It not only destroys through the method of such base thinking. It also helps to destroy everything and everyone that the base thinker relies upon for his or her own survival.

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