Way thought for the day: 21th December 2011 – Midwinter’s Day

For thousands of years the shortest day of the year has meant a time of giving and a time of reflection. The year is marked in four thirteen-week segments: the solstices and the equinoxes, the longest day, the shortest day, and the times when the length of day and the length of night are equal. We wish you harmony and prosperity in all things and all ways for the future.

A Solstice Thought

There is no prosperity without harmony.

Not of the mind, and not of the body,

Not within a family, nor within a community,

And not with any other even less important thing.

Beware the thought you think,

Beware what you say that may offend.

A word is like a sword, and can wound deeply.

A word can also heal and calm a troubled soul.

Be aware of what others might feel,

Be sensitive to what they may think.

Your words or actions can make a difference.

Difference goes in two ways, as with all things.

The shortest day of the year has also the longest night.

It comes in the dead of Winter, marking the point where new life begins.

New life begins as the days grow long.

Harmony is therefore maintained, the cycle complete.

2011 © R. G. Crosbie

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