Nature is fooled into flowering in a ‘second spring’

Fruit, frogs, birds, insects, plants: they are all enjoying a warm autumn as the seasons go topsy-turvy. Ecologists are observing a rash of freak occurrences and oddities throughout England.


Active queen wasps have been spotted this warm autumn from Devon to Northamptonshire. Photograph: Nigel Cattlin / Alamy/Alamy


Poppies in the long grass, frogs croaking for mates, wasps droning lazily at the window, tomatoes and strawberries ripening in garden pots and crickets buzzing at dusk: these are the sights and sounds of an English summer. Except that they have all been recorded in the last week or so, even as shops are decking out in shiny baubles and cranking out Christmas carols.

Phenologists who track the subtle changes in the seasons over decades have reported for some time that plants and animals are breeding, flowering, fruiting and hibernating earlier and earlier.

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“And there shall be whirlwinds and great storms upon the earth such as men have not seen before. And the summers will be without rain, or there shall be times of great floods. The seasons shall be as quicksilver, and they shall be so that they can no longer be predicted.”

“Your crops shall fail, and your beasts die. Even the frogs shall not be able to live in the waters, as they will be poisoned with the folly and the filth of men. And man shall show no reason.”

“And you shall know of this, as even the heavens will open, and the very sun that succours you will start to kill you, and the firmament will be rent with great storms, and pestilence will fall over the earth. And men shall reason, or men will die.”

(Extract from the last prophecy of Jesus the Christ, upon the opening of the Seventh Seal, in 1998)


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