An Account of the Buddha – Part 5 (from The Hallowed Book of Man)



The Buddha has proclaimed the truth: let the truth of the Buddha and his brotherhood dwell in your hearts. Extinguish in your selves every desire that antagonises thee, and in the perfection of your spiritual growth you will become like unto him. That of your heart that cannot or will not develop into the reason of the Buddha must perish, for it is mere illusion, and unreal; it is the source of your error; it is the cause of your misery. You attain to immortality by filling your minds with factual truth. Therefore, become like unto vessels fit to receive the Master's words. Cleanse yourselves of evil and of belief in that which is beyond belief. There is no other way of reaching real truth, for truth cannot be reached by firstly contaminating it.


The Hallowed Book of Man

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