An Account of the Buddha – Part I (from The Hallowed Book of Man)


Account of the one called the Buddha, according to the truthful record of the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, of which he was a Commander in Chief by right of his High Caul. The Buddha, our Lord, has shown us the root of all that is evil; he has shown us the way of salvation. The Buddha dispels the illusions of our mind and redeems us from the terror of death. The Buddha, our Lord, brings comfort to the weary and sorrow-laden; his teachings restore peace to those who are broken down under the burden of life. He gives courage to the weak when they would fain give up self-reliance and hope.
You that suffer from the tribulations of life, you that have to struggle and endure, you that yearn for a life of knowledge, of logic, of reason and of truth, rejoice at the glad tidings! There shall be balm for the wounded, and there shall be bread for the hungry. There shall be water for the thirsty, and hope for the despairing. There shall be light for those in darkness, and inexhaustible blessing for the upright of heart and of mind.
Heal your wounds, you wounded, and eat your fill, you hungry. Rest, you weary; and you who are thirsty quench your thirst in this vast lake of wisdom that is fed from the spring of the Brotherhood of Nazarenes. Look up to the light, you that sit in darkness; be full of good cheer, you that are
Trust in truth, you that love the truth, for the kingdom of The Way is founded upon earth. The darkness of wrongs and of all evil is dispelled by the light of honest truth. We can see our way and take firm and certain steps. We shall no longer slip, nor shall we fall. The Buddha, our Lord, has revealed the truth. The truth is reason, and reason is The Way.


The Hallowed Book of Man

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