The American Dream By The Provocateur Network

Something to consider as the bankers and their sphere of influence spreads even more widely….as people continue to live in “the Dream”.

Don’t fixate on the problem being solely an American one, as the disease is spreading worldwide, and will touch all men. As the Sixth to Come said in his time:

“The moneychangers and the usurers shall cry out in despair of their trade, and will offer you and the Lamb ransom to change your course. Turn your back upon them, for they know only evil; and misery is their trade among men. And they know what evil they do: for they lust after the fruits of gold, and do no labour. They grow not, yet they reap; and sow only the seeds of slavery for their own gain; and harden their hearts as does the common harlot, against all things that are right among men.” ( The Book of Man: page 813)






Sometimes you just might wonder if someone is not telling you something…….but you will only hear if your have ears to hear, if you see what I mean. Then again, it’s just a movie, is it not? Do you know if you are not awake, or not sleeping? ENTER

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