‘Record loss’ of Ozone over Arctic

An image of total ozone column profile around the North Pole on March 30th, 2011, using satellite and ground based data. Reuters/World Meteorological Organization


Record loss of the ozone, the atmosphere layer that shields life from the sun’s harmful rays, has been observed over the Arctic in recent months, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) said today.

“Depletion of the ozone . . . has reached an unprecedented level over the Arctic this spring because of the continuing presence of ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere and a very cold winter in the stratosphere,” the WMO said in a statement.

Observations from the ground, balloons and satellites show that the region has suffered an ozone column loss of about 40 per cent from the beginning of the winter to late March, according to the United Nations agency.

The highest ozone loss previously recorded over the Arctic, about 30 per cent, occured in several seasons over the past 15 years or so, according to a WMO spokeswoman.

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