Way thought for the day 26.3.2011

On hearing the wisdom of The Way, the wise students practice it with diligence; the average student attends to his practice when his memory reminds him so to do; and the foolish student laughs. But we do well to remember that with no sudden laughter, there would be no natural way. Thus it is said, “There are times when even brightness seems dim; when progress seems like regression; when the easy seems most difficult, and virtue seems empty, inadequate and frail; times when purity seems sullied; when even that which is real seems unreal, and when a square seems to have no corners; when even great talent is of no avail, and the highest note cannot be heard; when the formed seems formless, and when the way of Nature is out of sight”. Even in such times as these, the natural way still nourishes, that all things may be fulfilled.

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