From the Great Masters’ Sayings

And the Ancient Master said, “Many eons ago man was where he is now, and he had invented gods, and so, belief in that which is beyond belief. He invented great weapons of war, so that the could be king of all that there is. Such was his conceit. His knowledge was great, but his stupidity was greater; and so did he destroy. He did destroy not only that which man sought to possess, but all that there was that sustained man. And so did he die to the last few scattered generations.

The ice covered all the earth except for a small part, and mankind and a few beasts and plants managed to survive. They survived in differing guises. Some had light skin and small jaws, whilst some had very dark skin and heavy jaws. Some had round eyes and some had slitted eyes.

Then each departed to different parts of the earth as the ice melted, so that they might survive better. And so did The Way regain its importance and its meaning. Its meaning in those times was evident, and none could deny its wisdom.

Then mankind grew, and again became powerful; and so did he again invent gods and demons. He did so to spread fear amongst his kind, with their fear of that which they did not understand. Some claimed the favour of these imaginary gods, and spread fear, and did great evil amongst their fellow man.

And mankind grew, and his cousins amongst the lower orders grew, and all other beasts grew, until mankind sought to populate to whole earth. Unfortunately he wanted to populate, but he also wanted to own all that there was, and only afford lease to all other men and all other beasts. The beast was in him, as it was before in previous times; and so did he seek to be king of all.

Some men grew in power and others who knew of The Way grew in true wealth, which is wisdom. This led to wars, as the knowledgeable ones struck fear into the hearts and minds of those who only believed in what they knew was not so. They feared that the lowly ones might listen to them, and follow reason.

Those with knowledge grew in power in spite of all the efforts of lesser men who had the force of mindless armies. Then it came to pass that the lesser men proclaimed The Way as evil, and blamed all the negative things on those who followed it. In this manner did they make laws, and used those who followed invented gods to rise and to kill all that they could, and believe it good. To them it seemed a clever thing to do, because they were so stupid that they knew no better. And so did it go, until they destroyed the world once more.

And again did mankind rise; and for the last time. The Great Force had rearranged the firmament so than Caulbearers were then born. The Force of Life separated them, so that seven superior ones could be born, and teach them The Way. They were to be sent at intervals, where man might have gained reason.

Alas, it was all useless, for man did not know reason, and his interest in acquiring reason also rendered reason to him as useless. And so shall it be for these poor generations. Seven where set in the Crystal Halls, and the six were not listened to. Man is not likely to hear until the Seventh; and even then it is unlikely. Alas; it looks bad for mankind again, as he is still deaf to all except his own howling. The earth shall again destroy this creature till he is no more, unless he harkens and takes serious note.

I shall go to my grave as you shall go onto yours, but mankind thinks that he has earned the right to live forever. Even in some false paradise after he is dead does he still seek to live. He threw away that right when he bent his knee to false belief, and his head to false priests.

The life of the Seventh may be well spent, but it looks as if mankind only wants greatness, even if only in his own eyes and in his stupid amusements. He does not concern himself with death. Alas, death shall concern itself with him; and it shall do so with all of him.

Go brother; and do all that you can reasonably do; and reproach thyself not for the shortcoming of man, for he has so many.

From the Great Masters’ sayings

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