Way thought for the day 9.1.2011

The Caulbearers of old were profound and wise; like a man at a ford, he took great care, being alert, perceptive and aware of his surroundings. Desiring nothing for himself, and having no desire for change for change’s sake, his actions were difficult to understand. Being watchful, he had no fear of danger; being responsive, he had no need of fear. He was courteous like a visiting guest, and as yielding as the springtime ice. Having no desires, he was untouched by craving. Receptive and mysterious, his knowledge was unfathomable, causing others to think him hesitant. Pure in heart, like an uncut diamond, he cleared the muddy water by leaving it alone. By remaining calm and active, the need for renewing was and is reduced. It is only by means of being, that non-being may be found.

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