Merger of Crown, Papacy and Banker: for Consideration

It is the Crown’s sworn duty to protect the Protestant Church within its claimed domain, and the Crown does not have the right to aid by word, deed, or thought, any who would threaten it. Certainly the Queen is committing treason by playing footsy under the table with the Pope, his bishops and emissaries. They intend to use the tried and tested method of creating differences and then setting one against the other. The goal – one religion, one royal family, one world government. The price? Millions of dead; and that means you.

They require a population reduction of 75% for the grand plan. Then what? Obviously they can't see a better way, partly because any way must have them in control over the world, its wealth and its peoples. Their only answer is to force depopulation.

How? Through war; and the best way to get people to kill each other is through belief. Something tangible won't do it, so it has to be something intangible; something outside reality. It will be one against the other; and they will sell guns to both sides and make money, as usual. They make profit, and you pay the price in misery and death. Nothing has changed in their insane minds, and you and your children, held in contempt, are still expendable.

The British public are now held in contempt by her majesty, her government, the Pope and their fellow bankers. Hence the slow disarmament of the public in general. Here the use of slow, suggestive brainwashing has been and is used, to instil fear of all weapons into the minds of people. It is done by the affection of people of good mind, who desire to do right and are abhorred by things that they are told are wrong. Nevertheless, wrong will be visited upon them. This weapons phobia will only be encouraged, until the Unholy Trinity need to invade somewhere. Then killing is O.K and all now acceptable, because God is on their side. They forget that they themselves may well be invaded when we are weakened and can no longer defend ourselves. This fear of weapons will cause a psychological weakness not easily overcome.

Law abiding citizens are held in the same contempt as those who are breakers of the laws, oppressive and otherwise. Both those types of laws that are in place now, and those planned for with the intention of insidious, covert application.

A criminal is someone who breaks the law. Do not forget that Stalin made laws, and did Hitler. They Church of Rome made laws that gave then the legal right to burn innocent people alive and commit other atrocities. They burned thousands of children alive under the age of four years old during the Spanish Inquisition. Because there is a law doesn't mean that that law right. In They Way, if law and justice come in to conflict we set the law aside. This is because no law can cover all situations, therefore justice should be the rule. Law is a tool to be use in the acquisition of justice. The present attitude is that the law is paramount. Law without justice cannot be called by any other name than oppression.

Her bankers, both domestic and foreign are about to remove cash from the people and replace it with plastic, in order gain absolute control over the populations of the so-called free world. This is being done with the assistance of the Pope and his bankers. Even the hated Jewish bankers, Rothschilds, are joined in mutual interest with them. Jews stand condemned by him and he by them in every other way.

Hypocrisy rules amongst our governments all over the world; and as always, hypocrisy is the blanket beneath which they all fornicate. The conception of the idea of unification of churches has already taken place between Queen, Pope and bankers.

We call good men and women to stand fast against them, before the offspring of such a putrid, festering, vile, intentioned womb is born.

Free men who are trusted by their government are not disarmed. Free men do not have bankers rules imposed upon them. They in fact do not have anything imposed upon them; instead, they are asked. Free men rule their government, not the other way round. That's true democracy!

The Crown or State own your name, which is given to you when your birth is registered. However they only own the name, which they actually force upon you as a newborn and not in a position to desist. The Church of Rome owns your so-called Christian name, but it doesn't own you. They own the illusion that they own you, which is not the same. The Pope claims that he own the world because he is God's representative on earth. Such claim is insane. In fact no power can profess to own any country. The world belongs to us all.

No government, without the trust and affection of its people, can rule successfully, unless by force. Any nation without the affection of it's people will fail. The respect and affection of people cannot be bought through repression. Neither can any government rule successfully by cunning, clever tricks, downright lies, nor by force of arms or through religious belief. Any government that does not trust its people has already lost its only imagined power. It is imagined power, because such power is with the majority. That majority is the people, not the favoured few; and certainly not the Unholy Trinity.

The king , queen, president or government of any country, are not the country. Neither are they the people. The people should be; and should they choose, shall be the real power. Should they not grasp this truth, should they not hold and enforce their honest power through Democracy, should they not wrest their elected from the hands of the bankers and churchmen, who are also bankers and parasites, they shall be returned to serfdom from where the return shall be bitter and drenched in blood, should it occur at all.

Let all honest men of reason answer the Caul and only just laws, which must be designed only to serve justice and not the selfish will of the lawmakers. For though we have witnessed such law for centuries, we appear to have learned nothing beyond that which it has been pleasurable, self gratifying or promoted by purely controlling and selfish purpose.

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