The subliminal messages in the Queen's Christmas Speech 2010

In the Queen’s speech she states that King James the Sixth of Scotland inherited the throne of England, at a time when the Christian Church was badly divided.

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She carried on to say that, “Here at Hampton Court in 1604 he convened a conference for churchmen of all shades of opinion to discus the future of Christianity in this country.” She goes on to say that the King agreed to commission “a new translation” of the bible that was “acceptable to all parties.”

It seems odd that she should admit such a thing, after so many years of denial by all sects of what is called Christianity. Here we see that the so called Holy Bible is just a mish-mash of differing opinions, regarding what the old writings had to say. The result could in no way be accurate, with one saying one thing and another saying something else. It's all about having something nice to “believe”, and cold fact obviously ignored. The result was considered to be gospel, meaning absolutely truthful. It could not be, considering all the different opinions argued about, and compromises obviously made, in its writing. Truth needs no compromise, and, when compromised, it is no longer truth; truth again being the sacrificial lamb on the altars of ambition.

She carried on:

“This was to become the King James, or authorised bible, which next year will be exactly four centuries old.”

She failed to mention that the main reason for the King James version being the last one was, mainly, because it had already been altered so often by various popes as well as his ‘scholars’, and now the printing press was coming of age, so they could no longer afford to alter the bible again, because too many people were able to get copies and many were now learning to read. Again it had to remain as published in 1611, in case people tumbled to the fact that it was a load of untruths and not truth, as it was professed to be.

The Church and State also were forced to agree to the education of the masses. They agreed , but only as long as they did the educating. I wonder why? That meant people learning to read. The sick thing about this was they it was agreed, so long as they could control what was in their hands and they could dictate what was to be taught, so limiting people's actual access to anything that would undermine their power over the same people by protecting belief and promoting it as fact. The people remained slaves to church, bankers and pope, and it is still the same today, regardless of the belief that we are free people. We are not; and democracy can be manipulated so easily to achieve the result they want. Your needs are never considered.

Up till very recently the bible was known as the King James approved version; saying, quite obviously to any who want to hear or see, that in fact there are other versions.

Will they now lead us and turn the clock back four hundred years so that we will fight and kill each other, and so reduce the population, as they want us to? More foolish and often innocent manipulated blood to be spilt over which version is the real bible? People may be innocent, but they are not stupid, as the upper classes like to believe. The upper classes, as they like to be viewed, will eventually get caught in their own trap.

She carried on:

“,¦.acknowledged as a masterpiece of English prose and a most vivid translation of the scriptures.”

Vivid and imagined in order to achieve the desired effect, as well as altered out of all proportion to gain such effect. Truth again trampled under their boots of the Unholy Trinity.

She went on:

“The glorious language of this bible has survived the turbulence of history; and given many of us a most widely recognised and beautiful descriptions, of the birth of Jesus Christ, which we celebrate today.”

Again, altered and reinvented by over-imaginative, self-seeking, clerical, so-called, scholars. Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea; today known as Qumran. If you listen they tell you that people go on pilgrimage to Bethlehem to visit what is ‘believed’ to be the birth place of Jesus. They know damn well what the truth is. Unfortunately, they cannot control the masses the way they want to, with the use of fact. They have raped people's minds as well as their children, and they cannot afford to stop promoting blind faith and belief and admit the real truth. They would be lynched.

She went on:

“The King James Bible was a major co-operative endeavour, that required the efforts of the day's leading scholars. The whole enterprise was guided by an interest in reaching agreement for the wider benefit of the Christian Church and to bring harmony to the kingdoms of England and Scotland.”

Not to put the unaltered and factual truth before the people? Odd? Again the co-operation of differing opinions brought together for the interest of Church and State, to generate an opiate to render the people manageable. For whose benefit, I ask? The upper classes that do the bidding of king, pope and banker? Or for the benefit of those who emptied their chamber pots and cleaned their upper class backsides, as they were too grand to do such things for themselves? The then uneducated poor were not capable of grasping their own situations, and so control and psychological castration was complete.

Then came the education. They bring a child to school before the age of eleven. Not for the benefit of the child, but to get at the young mind before the critical factor is in place; the critical factor being the ability to reason and filter out, with the use of reason, anything harmful to the child, by the developing mind. You are brainwashed by a set curriculum, to be satisfied with a mind-and-soul-destroying job, to accept that you are inferior, and you therefore become subservient. And so it goes from generation to generation, compounded and self inflicted by the belief that teacher is right. Teacher wouldn't lie. But teacher only ‘believes’, so they lie, whether they know it or not.

She goes on:

“Four hundred years later, it is as important as ever to build communities and create harmony, and one of the most powerful ways of doing this, is through sport and games.”

Again, a power-fixation, sport and games, are developed to direct your minds towards the next game, and away from what they are doing behind the scenes. It's something to divert your attention from your reality. Just like the different religious beliefs – only to teach us about our differences, while the important things are what we all hold in common.

The King James bible says that, “Thou shalt not kill”. That is, unless it's in the interest of the crown, pope or banker. Then God's always on your side. He is so often on both sides if you’re to believe the Unholy Trinity. They tell you it's an honour to fight and die for king and country. Would it not be more of an honour if they were to fight for you? Who gets rich from war? Not the common soldier, who is always expendable, that's for sure. I was a war orphan, and I know what the king didn't do for me, my sister, or my widowed mother.

She goes on:

“During this past year of abundant sporting events I've seen for myself just how important sport is, in bringing people together from all backgrounds; from all walks of life and from all age groups.”

Have you ever tried to join a polo club? Sport brings in differences, and, as I've said before, it creates divisions, and renders us incapable of seeing things straight. When any sport becomes as fanatical as football it's downright dangerous in more ways than one. You can see this with the hooliganism. “Friendly!” – my left elbow. Bringing people together for what? War?

She goes on:

“In the parks of towns and cities and on village greens up and down the country, countless thousands of people every week give up their time to participate in sport and exercise of all sorts, or simply encourage others to do so.”

I don't think that they give up their time. It's more a way of polishing egos and keeping boredom at bay. It also helps to take your mind off things. Hence no actual conclusions.

Sport is like religion. As a matter of fact, to many it is a religion. Religion is based on blind faith and belief. Only the few can do well, and so, to those who can't, it reinforces the idea in their collective and individual subconscious minds, that they are inferior; again allowing ease of control, never mind what sad or pointless lives one leads.

“Didn't you see that goal?” We can't pay the mortgage, so off we go and get drunk to forget our situation for a short time. It's what a man's supposed to do. They all believe it. Watch television, both films and soaps. They can't scratch their behinds without going for a drink, both before and after. Why do you think that booze is promoted so heavily? Could it be for tax, profit, and that you're bought and sold, because, like any other drug, it's addictive? You're hooked and you can't escape, you’re now even more reduced situation. You can't even be honest with yourself never mind anyone else. Slowly reality becomes clouded. You wake up with a headache and you never learn. You don't dare to look at your behaviour, because you can't change it. You are no longer in control of anything especially your own mind. Clever isn't it?

She goes on:

“These kinds of activity are common throughout the world and play a part in providing a different perspective on life. Apart from developing physical fitness, sports and games can also teach vital social skills.”

A different perspective is what they want. It's not for your benefit. Anything to divert your attention – to keep you oblivious. Sport teaches vital social skills, as she says. When used positively they're fine, but they don't use them positively, outside of their own interest.

What do these vital social skills really teach us? Like the ones we see at football and even cricket? Again, while I'm watching you and you're watching me, because our colour or religion or team is different; the unholy trinity are picking both our pockets. It's bad enough that they pick our pockets, but they destroy your ability to think clearly, therefore your reason is dubious, whether you like to think so or not.

She goes on:

“None can be enjoyed without abiding by the rules. No team can hope to succeed without cooperation between the players. This sort of positive team spirit can benefit communities, companies, and enterprises of all kinds.”

The subliminal here is that you must comply with the rules. The problem is, who's making the rules in our society, and what is their aim? To say that we must cooperate is fine, or how could we win wars and not abide by the rules laid down by the law makers, who are few, and make laws to suit them, not you? Remember that law is just that, and has little or nothing to do with justice. She never mentions justice apart from legal justice. Odd isn't it? Could it be that justice is really blind? Great choices laid out in their laws. They, the Unholy Trinity, win, and you always lose.

She goes on:

“As the success of recent Paralympics bear witness, a love of the sport also has the power to help to rehabilitate. One only has to think of the injured men and women of the armed forces, to see how the interest in games and sport can speed recovery, and renew a sense of purpose, enjoyment and comradeship.”

I wonder how much money the Queen has put in to help the crippled soldiers that fought for her. After all, she and her family are bankers and could well afford to cover the national debt, never mind help them. She takes her money from “her” people; and you are her property, one and all. She never gives you anything back that's actually worth something, apart from lending her name here and there. Perhaps visiting the sick to create the illusion that she gives a damn. The rest is painting pretty pictures of comradeship, which in itself is a form of brainwashing.

As the pictures go through your mind, the subconscious, which has no reason, takes it on board as fact, and then colours everything with what it sees, and therefore accepts as truth. It believes. A sense of purpose can be believed, regardless of reality. Such statements make it appear that she actually gives a damn, yet her actions state clearly that the truth is opposite.

She gets a pound a ton for every ton of sand taken from around our coastlines. Sorry, her coastline. Why doesn't she donate that to the injured soldiers? It would be the least that she could do; and what she does is usually the least that she can do. Still, she can lend her name to some charity or other, so that you and I can give generously and feel good, can't she?

She goes on:

“Right around the world people gather to compete under standard rules and in most cases in a spirit of friendly rivalry.

When? Where?

And she goes on.

“Competitors know that to succeed they must respect their opponents. Very often they like each other too.”

That's not what I see. To respect your opponent is one thing, but to kiss his left boot is another, as this suggests. Of course you can always kiss hers. She'd like that, as she thinks that that's what you’re supposed to do. Who can blame her, as so many are queuing up to do just that, and gain the favour of the powerful? What else would she think?

And she goes on:

“Sportsmen and women all can speak of the enormous pride they have in representing their country.”

Yes when you're fit enough, you can go to war, and save her investments. Imagine the bargaining tool you can become; the pride we can get from killing and maiming each other, so that the Unholy Trinity can get even richer, and you even poorer.

And she goes on:

“,¦a sense of belonging to a wider family.”

Imagine it. Then imagine the fear that is promoted in the subconscious mind of being an outcast. To the gregarious beings that we are, fearful indeed. Again it’s subliminal.

“We see this vividly at the Commonwealth Games, for example, which is known to many as the friendly games. And I am sure that you have noticed that it is always the competitors from the smallest countries, who receive the loudest cheers.”

We really are such nice people, are we not? Poor little “smallest countries”. It's a competition. Not like the one we endure with the Trio, but we must be nice, or no one will love us. Especially the Trio.

She goes on :

“People are capable of belonging to many communities, including the religious faith.”

Very true; and we can join our religions together, and so join the Vatican banks and her banks in a state of unholy matrimony. They think that it's going to be a bed of powerful, monetary roses. But they will soon fall out. They always do. The problem with dealing with treacherous people, is that you can only expect treachery. They will go to war, as all divorcees do; and off you go and die, ‘little people’. “Fight for me!” and “God is on our side.” Nothing changes, and no one learns.

And she goes on:

“King James may not have anticipated quite how important sport and games were to become, in promoting harmony and common interest.”

Harmony yes, but not for the common people. You know, these people that you look down on: at best as a pet that might pee on your carpet, and at worst, a work animal. Pity one cannot live without them, isn't it? One must be practical and consider the cleansing of the upper class arses. The secret is out: the queen poops as well.

She goes on:

“,¦.but from the scriptures in the Bible that bears his name.”

An inaccurate version of the real bible; which is obviously the first unaltered one. What good is it if it's inaccurate? It doesn't really have even a pretence of accuracy, if you think about it. It's all illusion.

And she goes on:

“We know that nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of belonging to a group who are dedicated to helping each other.”

Again, subliminal. When is she going to help anyone outside her well-heeled group? You can lose your home, because they screwed up and you’ve lost your job. If you haven't already had the demanding letters, they are coming.

And, who owns the bank? It could well be her and her family. See what happens to you then, despite her pretty but sadly false platitudes, when you can't pay. You can die, for all she and her kind care. Just like war orphans and widows after the Second World War. Nothing changes except they get richer, and you get stuffed.

She goes on:

“Therefore, all things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them.”

So what about the King James version that says to “turn the other cheek”? How do these two statement balance out? What Jesus really said, and it makes more sense was, “Should a man strike thee, turn about and strike him thrice”, is more intelligent and practical, don’t you think? Saves you getting punch drunk. Still these contradictions come in very handy, if you want to start a war. Or murder a few people that threaten your wealth or power.

“I wish you and all those you love and care for, a very happy Christmas.”

Thank you for your good wishes. It's a great pity that you really don't care less. Almost everything about you is a lie. You rule by “divine right”, according to you; and according to those of your blood gone before you. It's all illusion and rubbish. Your family has lied, cheated, conned and slaughtered itself into power, and then you have all waded up to your necks in blood to retain your murderously won power. Still you are the ones who write history, and, like the laughingly called “Holy Bible”, it's designed to serve the interests of you, your power-sharers and co-conspirators. In plain words, lest anyone misunderstand: Crown, Church and Bankers; called by me, “The Unholy Trinity”.

It's a good job that your invented God doesn't exist, or you would be in the deep stuff up over your heads. Hopefully your bogeyman won't live much longer in the minds of the populace. They may be innocent and slow to condemn. Your brainwashing techniques and educational-limiting controls may still serve just now. Though you despise your slaves so much, it doesn't mean that you are right. The ordinary people are not so stupid, only fooled and repressed. It won't last!


© R.G.Crosbie



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