Winter Solstice Letter 21.12.2010

To all those who follow The Way, and the many who are trying to make up their minds

As we enter another year I want to take this opportunity to point out the fact that The Way is more important then ever. It's important to present members and important to anyone that has enough reason to realize what's happening all about them. Only a blind person can't see what is happening to the world we live in: from paedophile Roman Catholic priests who get away with it, to bankers robbing their own banks of your money. The banks are theirs, but the money isn't. National debts are so great, that they will most likely never be paid. The parasites bankers such as the Rothschilds are stepping in, gaining more power through countries owning them money and taking full, though unfair advantage. They can arrange things such as interest payments and charges, so that they will milk those unfortunate cows that get into debt with them, forever. When you make a contract with a bank they can alter the rules whenever they like, but you can't. Try it and see what happens.

Sadly we will do nothing about the problems that the parasites cause us. That is, apart from just talk and complain. We don't seem to realize that because one person can't make much difference that that's it. The fact is, they can only rip us off for as long as we let them. It is widely ‘believed' that someone will do something. Who? There is no one in any position of power within our governments that will do a damn thing. They are only in government because the bankers have put them there , so who is in control? Don't believe that our voting system is foolproof. The people that you vote for have designed the voting systems. With the help of the bankers, of course. To say the least, it's very suspect. Look at the Irish vote regarding the Lisbon Treaty. They kept us voting until they got the result they wanted. In fact they fiddled it as well. You can rest assured that if anyone gets into government that can't be bought or manipulated by the bankers, they won't be there for long. Usually they never stand a chance. It's the same all over the so-called Democratic World.

Civil war in most countries is more than a possibility in the not too distant future. Hunger and water shortages will be but two of the main causes. Law and order will break down. The fact that the law no longer has anything to do with justice will add fuel to the fire. Religion will be another one, as they support the unjust leaderships for their own interests. Religion is also needed to supply justification for murder; and it will be nothing less. Attack from one side causes defence from the other. As people starve, they will do whatever they have to do to stay alive. They should have joined us, but the propaganda will give them a problem, even though the evidence is in front of them. Still will they ‘Believe'.

As some of you will be aware, the powers that be are planning starvation by 2012 and a huge decrease of the earth's population by 2020. That's why no one is helping the already staving. Sounds mad, doesn't it? Well it is, but they, the powerful ones, don't see it that way. It's the law of the jungle, while you, the ordinary people, simply don't matter.

The Vatican and its bank are using money that they have taken from the faithful people. They are in on the grand scheme, using their followers money to finance it. They only partly finance it, as the other big families and institutions, many also owned by them, are all chipping in. The Pope, though he puts himself forward as his imaginary God's representative on earth, acts like and thinks that he is this imaginary God.

There's not much that I can say that I haven’t been saying for years. Have a look on the net concerning fluoride and all sorts of drugs that are killing us slowly. They make fortunes from drugs that are useless. Sadly, our world, dear friends, is no different than it has always been. The only difference is that we can read about it on the net. Previous generations couldn't. So why are we taking no noticeable notice? Perhaps it's because someone else will do something and we won't have to stick our necks out or take risks. Your biggest risk is doing nothing and believing the unbelievable. Someone will do something!

When you look back, since the rise of Christianity, and Christians are not alone, so many innocents have died. They have tortured them, burned them, their bodies broken, impaled, hung, drawn and quartered. The did it to millions. This tactic has worked over centuries and they will go back to it asap. It brings power through fear doesn't it? And it's been tried and tested.

The Church of Rome is trying to bring the heresy laws back into Ireland as I write. They want them enforced all over the world. So why? Simply because, when the British Royal Family return to the Roman Church, and it is planned and only a matter of time till they do, then look out ,“ it's bonfire night. I wonder who will end up king of the castle. Will it be you, or maybe your uncle Wilberforce?

Islam will carry on forcing its will on the world, just as the Christians have always done; each as mad as the other. No level too low to stoop to, and they have always been cruel and able to bend over, they will probably make bending over for us men compulsory soon. So gain all the reasonable members that you can, as your only hope is in numbers. If you do this and live by the four pillars of The Way you might have the strength to defend yourselves and stand a chance. Your children might then live long enough to grow old.

If you don't live and work in groups, you won't have any strength to protect yourself and your family. If you can't protect yourselves, then the power remains in the hands of the evil ones, and they won't hesitate to use it. I wonder what one might feel like whilst watching your own child starve to death, and in your heart know that you could have made a difference. All you have to do is stop believing in things unbelievable. Embrace reason, knowledge, logic and hard fact; and many of them will be very hard ,” especially if you have to watch a child starve and be helpless and unable to help it; be it your child or not.

Sorry for all the doom and gloom, but the net is slowly tightening about you. I don't mean the Internet. Don't turn the other cheek. Don't wait, or you will be in serious trouble, because there's no time left and there hasn’t been since the sixth of June two thousand and two. Since then you've been living in fantasy land, full of false hope and even turning a blind eye to obvious distractions promoted by government. You will most likely pay with your lives should you ignore, and worse again, pay with your children's lives.

I hope you all listen, and take steps to do something about it. Some already have, but they still need others to swell their numbers. We don't ask you to sell your homes and give us your money. We ask you to sell what you have and move to a place where you can buy another house with land close to your fellow followers of reason.
There you can survive.

Suppose I'm wrong, though I know I'm not, what have you lost? Nothing! You still own a house, but with land to supply food and water. Water will become something to fight over, so again you will need to protect it.

Look around you. You have friends and family. You have contact with people every day. Gain numbers from those who have plenty and those who have not. Those that have can share and those who have nothing but their brains, experience and muscles. And all will have these attributes at least. They can do their bit if their hearts are willing. If their hearts aren't willing, then leave them behind, as you can't carry anyone. You will be well loaded enough as it will be.

To those who choose to follow The Way it will be all gain, and no one looses. Any other way is to do nothing; and the wages of nothing are, and have always been, nothing.

Look forward to 2011. Join together with others of good intent. Give and get strength in your numbers. There is hard work ahead of us all. The money will be light to non-existent, but the rewards enormous. Evil is upon us. It's daunting, but we can survive it; but only by gathering together in mutual aid, protection and good fellowship, can any survive.

I wish you all the very best for the coming year. Be well and take good care,


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