I Close my Eyes

I close my eyes, so I can't see,
What reality sets in front of me.

I close my eyes to changing season,
With blind belief I block out reason.

I close my eyes, I close my mind,
Leaving all that's real behind.

I believe in Heaven, I believe in Hell,
As nothing else suits me so well.

Nice dreams are held and so are dear,
I shall always hold my dream world near.

I close my eyes to things unkind,
I outwardly see, but inside stay blind.

I stay asleep while I'm awake,
So what I don't like I soon forsake.

Of things quite real I can ignore,
I still praise the Roman Whore.

I close my eyes, I close my ears,
What I don't know will cause no tears.

© R.G.Crosbie.
th December 2010

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