An idea: not a Reality

Religion is being pumped up. Why? Because belief overrides your ability to reason or judge. It also makes you want to fight anyone who says such a thing or disagrees. My faith is the true faith, and all that rubbish. Here comes the religious wars. The bankers will happily finance them. Remember it's not about profitb it's about debt. Debt affords power, (but only as long as the laws of the world allow it). Look at the Third World countries. People, suffer. Why? Debt, that's why.

Because of the debt, the bankers call the shots and control political policy; and not in consideration of people’s best interests or welfare. To them you’re just cattle to be farmed and discarded when it suits.

You will find a lot of psychopaths in the banking world and amongst your much loved politicians. See what happens if you miss a payment to your friendly neighbourhood banker. Guess what happens when you owe an independent banker; after all they're only money lenders., usurers, which every great honest man up to Jesus and since, says usury is totally immoral. Even the Roman Catholic church said that usury is a mortal sin, or at least up till they opened the Vatican Bank, that is, which is nnother “independent” money lender. They just don't mention it anymore. Shhh, it will go away. The evidence is there under your nose. Ignore it at your own peril.

Bob Crosbie

Tenth degree in The Way

C.I.C. Brotherhood of Nazarenes


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