Stupidity is your own fault; and it is a fault, and it is yours. Therefore no one else should be made to feel responsible for someone else’s stupidity, their lack of knowledge, or their fear of any change that their improvement might bring about.

To lack knowledge has been thought to be due to your being ignorant. And this is correct, because if you choose to ignore whatever knowledge is around you, you then shall lack in that knowledge.

The saying that he or she is ignorant, is said in such a way as to be purely demeaning, and to suggest that you are in some way beneath par as a human being, whilst in fact suggesting something else, and being correct in direct interpretation. Interpretation can be direct, or it can be altered in order to make whatever you look at, look like something else.

To lack knowledge has been considered to be someone else's fault. “I could not finish school….” for whatever excuse etc. “We were poor”, etc.” Ignorance is purely a choice, made by cretins with no wish to be informed, and stupid enough to think that they are.

People who live in the same place all their lives, are unlikely to have any knowledge outside their place. They nevertheless consider that they know all there is to know. They remain oblivious to that which they don’t know. They think that what they know is all there is to know, for they are limited by lack of experience, as their minds have never been stretched. Their minds, outlook and horizons are therefore shrunk in order to fit that small place, limited by those often self-imposed, close horizons. Their outlook becomes blind to anything that they do not know, and therefore what they don’t know does not exist for them; their chosen lack of knowledge therefore preventing them from understanding; their conceit allowing them to believe that they know all there is to know; and that they fully understand even that of which they cannot possibly conceive, because of their limitations created by their small, tightly bounded environments.

A man has no knowledge of that which he does not know. He is oblivious of what there is to be known when he has no knowledge of its existence. In other words, you don't know that you don't know, what you don't know.

Knowledge is gained slowly, and is sharpened by age, experience and time. The learning of one more thing, no matter how small, allows us to expand beyond our previous horizons. We do not appreciate sight because we have never been blind. Neither do we appreciate knowledge or experience that we have never known or experienced. But then again, mankind appreciates little that requires effort of thought.

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