Selective Memory

A selective memory is a wonderful thing:
It adds convenience to reason.
It allows the avoidance of reality
It also acts as a salve for the conscience, where and if one is present.
It allows one to win arguments, but only from a one-sided point of view.
It is an ego polish that is second to none, as far as the most egomaniacal are concerned.
It helps its possessor to lose friends, and influence no one, except in the negative.
It allows the complete avoidance of any form of reality.
It also allows one’s backside to be held in a perfect position to be severely kicked,
Again, it allows them to forget being kicked, and remember something else.
It then allows one to carry on with the theory that they have won something, no matter how great the loss.
To its users it allows the illusion that the whole world is out of step, except for them.
A selective memory really is a thing of wonder: it creates reason where there isn't any, and makes logical even the most ridiculous of thinking.
Its use is practiced only by the inwardly blind, the logically challenged; and the mentally deranged.

R G Crosbie. © 2005

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