Training, or education?

Bored child sitting in school classroom
Are we educated, or trained?



In our brain-addled world, doctors, like all workers, are trained. That's why there are so many bad ones. Everyone is trained; even those who go to privileged schools are trained. Teachers are trained to train others, so that the other trained ones, meaning you, become subservient and unquestioning beasts of burden. Mindless subservient slaves of the state, the churches and the bankers, each unknowing beast, the mirror of the other, and never considering what they do, or why they do it.

You are allowed to make a living and you get rewarded or paid according to your level of training, and your obedience to the ringmasters who run the circus known as ‘our society’.

It happens in all our various countries. You are led to believe that you live in a free society, regardless of the chains forged carefully to restrict you. You are trained to ‘believe' in all sorts of things. You are particularly trained to believe in all those things that defy all reason, and are beyond belief. You are trained to believe that you will get your reward in the afterlife to keep you quiet and hopeful. If you obey, you will be OK after you are dead. If not, you’re in for it. The horned one awaits, but logically you’re dead, so what then? In this manner of training in belief beyond reason, your ability to reason is overridden, as is your ability to use even simple logic. You may well protest, which just shows how far your mind has been trained to accept all sorts of nonsense as factual, when such only believe things cannot possibly be. But if you are a good boy or girl and toe the accepted line, you might get a pat on the head. You maybe even get your tummy tickled. Who knows what rewards and recognition await the obedient.


Remember that you are a thinking, reasoning human being, or at least you should be.

Never allow yourself to be trained. Remember that you are a thinking, reasoning human being, or at least you should be. To be trained. is to allow yourself to be reduced to the level of a dumb animal. Dogs, horses and other animals are trained, you should only allow yourself to be educated. There is a difference. The difference is in the attitude towards you, as shown by those who wish to train you, and so bend you to their will. You are trained to act without any logical thought or reason. It shows the esteem that your supposed superiors actually hold you in. To them, you’re just a dumb stupid animal, to be used to perform a mindless purpose automatically, like a soldier going over the top, though he hasn’t a chance of survival. Yet, over he goes. Still, they might give him a medal. Posthumously, of course. They might even put a flag that he was supposed to have died for, over his coffin, if he gets a coffin. Not much of a rag, sorry, flag, either.

To allow them to train you, means that you really are held or possessed by them. Like a dog giving a paw, you end up operating tricks and go through the actions, not knowing or understanding why. If you kick over the chains that hold you, even though they are only psychological chains, punishments will ensue and you become a bad person. Shame on you. You are trained to focus on the rewards you hope to get, or fear of the punishment, should you not perform. Onwardly you go, with absolute and blind faith that they will be pleased and give you a bone. Maybe. Beware you of the ring masters, and refuse to jump through their hoops. Clean up your mind and never remove yourself or allow yourself to be removed from reason based on actual knowledge, on solid fact. Believe nothing. Not even what I am saying. Think about it, and allow yourself reason in the light of the evidence of your eyes and your position in the world. Just think about it. The evidence is there. I may be hidden, but it’s there; and as you learn, the picture will clear.


Bob crosbie © 11/ 7/ 15

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