Change the way you think — what do white supremacy, politics, religion and banking have in common?

A question mark over belief

Watching a program on T.V. regarding the white supremacist groups in the U.S. They peddle hate, divisions and prejudice, while we peddle the opposite, and try to get people to place the blame for our world’s situation where it belongs. It makes me wonder why people can't see what is actually happening to them. Why do people not want to see? Why do they use prejudice, instead of realizing that the problems are nearly always religiously based? They promote a god that obviously doesn't exist. They promote democracy that isn't really democracy, as it gives priority only to dynasties and the wealthy. If you're an independent, and don't tow their line, you won't last long.

We have the Bush dynasty and now the Clinton dynasty. All very wealthy people who appear to be grabbing more power and more money. Greed appears to be their main engine. It appears as it is, that money and power are their only real purpose; and because it's so obvious, why do people vote for them? Is it because no one else gets a look in perhaps? Parties support candidates; we don't get a chance to choose them. So we have no one else to vote for. I suggest that when you vote you draw a line through all the candidates, like an arrow, write at the bottom of the line “none of these” and then take a photograph of your ballet paper before placing it in the box.

Now you have voted, as opposed to not voting at all. Think of the difference this could make. Instead of a “bad turn out”, it would place them in a more difficult position than if you didn’t vote at all. If you don't vote you give them the field. We do have an enemy or enemies, but it's not that black or white bastard that lives next door to you and has a job when you don't. It’s not that Catholic, Muslim, Protestant or other religious group that is responsible for your problems. It is in fact the people behind those who press and promote these various belief systems. It's your political, religious and banking moguls.

“Change the way
you think”

As I have said so many times before, belief is designed to override reason. So why just believe and ignore fact? Why follow such nonsense instead of what we promote: knowing for sure and believing nothing? People who have been trained from childhood to believe, always look for something to “believe” in; and often ignore what is factual so that they can hold on to their overvalued beliefs, whether these beliefs are racist , religious or political. Look at, and look for the evidence. The world has gone mad, because belief overrides their reason; and only through reason and reasoned thinking can the world of man live in peace, never mind prosperity.

You know that the bankers are talking us for a ride, yet we still show them a respect that they don't deserve. We respect people with wealth and look down on those who are poor. In this way they maintain a sense of inadequacy in us that keeps us in “our place”, and they in theirs. Why do we think in such a moronic manner? We are as we are because our education methods make us that way.

Can't we just rise above baseness and base thinking? Base thinking and believing in things that are beyond belief is insanity. So when you want to hate someone, hate the people who cause your misery, and not some other poor individual that has nothing to do with it and in fact shares your problems. It's not the fault of the black man that you can't get a job, nor is it the fault of the white man that you remain poor and unemployed, broke or living in hard times. It is in reality the people who control the money, and money gives them the power to keep the cycle going.

If you don't do your job well, you get fired, yet politicians screw up and bankers defraud the population, while religion preaches forgiveness and beliefs in the unbelievable; and what do you do? Catholic priests have been shown up as sodomites and have sexually abused your children, yet you crawl before them on your knees, begging for forgiveness. Forgiveness for what, in the light of what they have done and are still doing? If you think about it, who are they to forgive you for what you have done? Surely whoever you have wronged is the one to forgive you, not someone else.

There is no god; this is evident to anyone with two brain cells sparking at the same time. There is no devil; what you do is your decision and your responsibility. So why look for something, or someone, even an only imagined someone, to blame? You're to blame or to praise for what you do. No one else, no entity or otherwise. How many people who have been slaughtered lately all over the world, prayed to their various gods to save them, yet died anyway? Praying to something that doesn't exist, is to any reasoning mind, stupid to say the least. Insane if you're honest.

Why not look into The Way and help to spread knowledge, reason, logic and provable truth only? Why are you so afraid of these precepts? Why place blame where it doesn't belong? If you do you can do yourself a favour and do the world a bigger one. Change the way you think.

Think about it.

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