Way thought for the day: 8th December 2011

Woe unto all men who follow not The Way and all good reason. Many shall give their reason, and consider not if it be good or bad; for reason works according to knowledge. Consider therefore what you know, lest your reason is faulted for lack of it. Consider more so, what you might know not, for it shall surely destroy you.

Way thought for the day: 7th December 2011

The wise person follows The Way, which is the natural way, doing what is required of him. Like an experienced tracker, he leaves no tracks; like a good speaker, his speech is fluent. He makes no error, so needs no tally. Like a good door which needs no lock, as he is open when it is required of him and closed at other times, yet remaining accessible. Like a good binding, he is secure, without the need of borders. Knowing that virtue may grow from example, this is the way in which the Caulbearers teach, abandoning no one who stops to listen. Thus, from experience of the Caulbearers, all might learn, and so might gain. There is mutual respect twixt teacher and pupil; for, without respect, there would be void and confusion.

Way thought for the day: 2nd December 2011



We describe The Way as being great; we describe the Universe as great; Nature too we describe as great, and man himself is great. Man’s laws should follow natural laws, just as Nature gives rise to physical laws, whilst following from Universal Law, which follows The Way; which is reason. It is knowledge, it is logic, it is truth born of certain proof; and is therefore factual and beyond any doubt. Hence we have no dogma, as dogma is unchangeable. The Way is flexible as we learn.

The Natural Way is the way of the follower of these precepts. They serve as his dwelling place, providing his centre and focus deep within, whether in his home or journeying. Even when he travels far, he is not separate from his own true nature. Maintaining awareness of natural beauty, he still does not forget his purpose, which is the Great Purpose: the survival on mankind and that which mankind depends upon.