Way thought for the day: 19th December 2011

The leader who follows The Way, which is the natural way, lives by caring for all things and all men. The warrior king leans to his right, from whence there comes his generals’ advice, but the peaceful king looks to his left, where sits his counsellor of peace. When he looks to his left, it is a time of peace, and when to the right, a time for sorrow.

Way thought for the day: 18th December 2011

Weapons of war are instruments of fear, and are abhorred by those who follow The Way. Yet all must be trained in war and all followers of reason must carry weapons at all times in order to protect himself and his charges against the aggressor. However, he must never be the aggressor; only protecting that which needs his protection by whatever means are forced upon him through circumstance and good reason.

Way thought for the day: 17th December 2011

The harvest is destroyed in the wake of a great war, and weeds grow in the fields in the wake of the army. The wise leader achieves results, but does not glory in them. He is instead not proud of his victories, and does not boast of them. He knows that boasting is not the natural way, and that he who goes against that way will fail in his endeavours.

Way thought for the day: 16th December 2011

The external world is fragile, and he who meddles with its natural way risks causing damage to himself, for he is not apart nor above consequence. When leading by The Way, one abominates the use of unnecessary force, for it causes resistance and loss of strength, showing that The Way has not been followed well. Achieve results, but not through violence, for it is against the natural way of The Force of Life, which is The All, and damages both others’ and one’s own true self.

Way thought for the day: 15th December 2011

Sometimes one is strong, and sometimes weak, sometimes healthy, and sometimes in poor health, sometimes is first, and at other times behind. The wise follower of The Way does not try to change the world by force, for he knows that force results in like, opposite force. He avoids extremes and excesses, yet does not become complacent.

Way thought for the day, 11th December 2011

Whilst developing creativity, one should also cultivate receptivity. Retain the mind like that of a child, which flows like running water questioning, seeking, open. When considering any thing, do not lose its opposite. When thinking of the finite, do not forget infinity; behave with honour, but retain humility. By behaving according to The Way of the almighty Force of The All, set others an example.