Way thought for the day – 4th October 2011

We cannot know The Way itself without understanding reason. Nor can we see its qualities direct; we can see by differentiation and comparison that which it manifests. Thus, that which is seen as beautiful is beautiful compared with that which is seen as lacking beauty; an action considered skilled, is so considered in comparison with another, which seems unskilled.

Way thought for the day – 3rd October 2011


Both knowledge and experience are real, but reality has many apparent forms, which seem to cause complexity, until it is realised that there is only one true reality. By using the intellectual means appropriate, we extend ourselves beyond the barriers of such complexity; removing confusion, we may experience The Way.

Way thought for the day – 2nd October 2011




Though words or names are not required to live one’s life this way, to describe it, words and names are used, that we might better clarify The Way of which we speak, without confusing it with other ways in which the individual might choose to live. Through knowledge, intellectual thought and words, the manifestations of The Way are known. Without such intellectual intent, we might not experience true life, which is part of The All.